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Car accidents result in many spinal cord injuries

Driving on Pennsylvania roads is a privilege and not a right. So, if people want to drive on the roads they need to pass the driver's license tests and then make sure their license is valid after that. They also need to follow the rules of the road. Some rules may seem unimportant, but there is a reason for the rules and when people do not follow them car accidents can occur.

These car accidents can cause very serious damage to the vehicles as well as very devastating injuries to the occupants of the vehicles. Some of these injuries are permanent as well and can completely change the victim's life.

Local high school student dies in bicycle accident

A senior year high school student died of serious injuries after an accident on May 22 in Beaver County. The teen was riding his bicycle and got struck by a car. This tragic event has sent shockwaves throughout the local community and a solemn reminder of the risks associated with riding your bike on the road.

If you like riding your bike, take this time to ensure you are following important safety tips. Below are the top three ways to stay safe on your bike and avoid collisions.

Watch out for these causes of car accidents

You likely associate auto accidents with collisions between two or more moving vehicles. While these may be the most common occurrences, they are not the only ones. There are other sources of auto accidents to be aware of not only to avoid them, but also to recognize when you have a personal injury lawsuit.

These additional causes include road conditions, auto-part defects, pedestrians and cyclists. Although they do not involve other motorists, they can be just as dangerous.

Police investigating what caused a fatal motorcycle accident

Many people in Pennsylvania own motorcycles and like to enjoy them during these warm summer months. The freedom many motorcycle riders love can also lead to safety concerns as well. Many cars and trucks are not looking for motorcycles or do not see them when they are making turns or changing lanes. This can lead to motorcycle accidents, which can be very devastating for the motorcyclists who have little to protect themselves from the road and other hazards around the roads.

Unfortunately there was recently a fatal motorcycle accident involving a man from Pittsburgh and his wife, who was injured in the accident. The motorcycle struck an SUV which was attempting to cross the road that the motorcycle was driving on at the time.

3 common causes of injuries in young retail workers

If you are in your 20s and work in retail, you might find your job mundane. Despite the fact retail work can be boring at times, did you know that you are at a serious risk for a workplace injury? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 23,000 retail workers between the ages of 16 and 24 miss work after sustaining an injury on the job.

It is crucial for you to identify and protect yourself from potential hazards. Keep reading to learn about the most common causes of retail injuries for young workers.

Doctors need to obtain consent prior to certain procedures

People in Pennsylvania go to the doctor every day. There are many reasons people see the doctor and many times, fortunately, it is for preventive care or minor illnesses and injuries. However, no matter how routine or simple something may seem, there are risks associated with medications and medical procedures. Other procedures and surgeries come with much more serious risks and further injury or illness or even death could be an outcome.

While all medications and procedures have risks, since surgeries and other procedures have more serious risks, informed consent is needed prior to these serious procedures. These include performing surgery and the anesthesia needed for those surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy, blood transfusions, inserting surgical devices and administering experimental medication and devices.

Understanding the statute of limitations after your accident

In the case of a car accident, most individuals are able to quickly recognize any injuries or pains that they sustain, either in the moment or within a few hours. However, in some cases, such as bruising under the skin, internal bleeding or other non-topical injuries, it may not be so easily noticeable.

So what are your options if you realize you did receive personal injuries due to a car accident that was not your fault? You may be able to seek damages if it is within the proper statute of limitations.

Why slip-and-fall accidents are more common among seniors

As an older American, you face unique hazards each day that may place you at a higher risk of a slip-and-fall accident than the rest of the general population. Falls are so common among older people, in fact, that AgingCare.com reports they are the primary cause of injuries, deaths and hospital trips among seniors.

So what types of age-related factors may enhance your risk of taking a serious fall? Your risk of falling and injuring yourself tends to increase if you are:

Can one choose any medical provider for workers' compensation?

People in Pennsylvania have many different types of jobs. Some have more inherent dangers than others, but accidents and injuries can occur at any type of job. Sometimes these injuries can be very serious as well and the worker may be forced to miss time at work as a result. Without an income life can become very difficult for the worker and their family, especially if the injured worker provided a significant portion of the income.

That is why many employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance. If workers are injured on the job, the employer is required by law to provide compensation not only for the medical expenses associated with the workplace injury, but also a portion of the worker's income while they are unable to work. However, in order to know the full extent of the injury and the medical treatment needed to treat the workers, a doctor must examine them.

Required periodic inspections of commercial trucks

Over time almost everything people use and make in Pennsylvania will break down. So, if people want to keep using a certain thing, they generally have to perform maintenance on it and fix broken parts. Sometimes, depending on the object, it can even become a safety hazard if parts are broken and the object is not operating properly. Vehicles fall into this category. If a car or truck is not operating correctly or parts are broken, accidents can occur and people may be injured as a result.

This is especially true for large commercial trucks. When truck accidents occur, there can be a large amount of damage and severe injuries to the victims of the accident. So, there are many regulations that truck drivers and trucking companies must follow in order to ensure that the trucks are in working order and the drivers are not fatigued or impaired in any way.

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