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The minimum insurance requirements for trucks

Every motorist in Pennsylvania has to carry a certain amount of car insurance in order to be able to drive his or her vehicle legally in this state. These amounts, however, are not that high when one considers the way in which medical expenses and other costs pile up after an accident. The end result is that, in a car accident, an injured person may not get full compensation for his or her losses.

Perhaps because government authorities recognize that truck accidents are, relatively speaking, more likely to result in serious injuries than typical car accidents, truckers and trucking companies have to have additional insurance available in the event of an accident. In all but the most severe of accidents, these limits will cover an injured person's losses if the truck driver's or trucking company's negligence caused the accident.

Serious injuries plague the over-60 motorcycle crowd

If you are over the age of 60 and own a motorcycle, chances are this is your pride and joy, something you have wanted since you were a teenager, admiring the older guys with Harleys. Your spouse may ride with you or even have a motorcycle of her own. Life is good on the open road - unless you are involved in a crash.

The fact is that although older motorcyclists have fewer accidents than younger riders, their injuries are more serious.

We represent victims of motorcycle accidents

A previous post on this blog gave motorists in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, helpful tips on driving around motorcycles. Being on guard is important, especially since motorcycle riders do not have protection and are likely to get seriously injured in a collision. Moreover, a motorcycle is prone to tipping during a sudden maneuver, so even a near miss can be serious or even deadly.

Unfortunately, not every Pennsylvania motorist is going to be attentive and look out for motorcycles on the road, and such drivers will inevitably cause an accident. When this happens, the other driver may try and blame the motorcyclist. This technique can prove effective, especially since many people have some prejudice against motorcyclists.

With summer here, drivers need to be on guard for motorcyclists

As many residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, know, summer is a time where drivers see many motorcyclists on the road. While those who ride motorcycles are still expected to follow traffic laws, other drivers are also legally expected to use appropriate caution around motorcycles. Especially given the fact that motorcycle riders do not have a lot of protection, a driver's not being careful can cause motorcycle accidents that lead to serious injuries.

One of the keys to motorcycle safety is to have the right attitude about sharing the road with them. While it is easy for the driver of a car to use the size of its vehicle to intimidate or even crowd out a motorcycle, it is important that a driver resist that urge. Moreover, as in all cases, drivers need to drive defensively around motorcyclists who may not be doing the best job of following the traffic laws or operating safely.

Toddler dies in Pittsburgh area car crash

A recent car crash on a highway in the Pittsburgh area left a young girl, who was two years old, dead. The girl's father was driving the vehicle, and the girl was reportedly not in a car seat.

The girl's mother, when asked, said she was at work when the wreck happened and thought the girl was heading home with her father. She said she did not know why the child was not in a car seat.

Medical malpractice damage caps in Pennsylvania

Residents who go to the doctor expect to get better after treatment. At a minimum, patients expect their doctors will do what they can to prevent the condition from getting worse. Unfortunately, in many cases, doctors make careless mistakes that leave patients in a worsened condition. In the worst cases, a patient may even die because of a doctor's professional errors.

Pittsburgh patients or their families who get hurt by medical negligence can sue their doctors for medical malpractice. However, there are certain limitations on what an injured patient can recover in a medical malpractice case. Fortunately, the laws are not as strict as in some other states, and a patient can get a full recovery for his or her pain and suffering, as well as medical bills and lost wages.

We help the tiniest victims of medical malpractice

Not surprisingly, complications related to pregnancy, labor and delivery are devastating to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, parents when they result in a child being stillborn or dying shortly after birth. In other cases, complications leave an infant alive, but suffering permanent and serious medical problems that could prevent them from functioning normally.

These sorts of things are tragic, yet sometimes, unpreventable. However, there are other situations where a doctor or hospitable made mistakes or omitted an important treatment, and these costly errors contribute to the death or serious disability of a newborn baby.

The dangerous overuse of antipsychotics in nursing homes

With your mother in a nursing home and not in your constant care, you may be worried about the treatment she receives. You may have done lots of research before enrolling your parent in the facility to ensure a low risk of all types of abuse and medical neglect. However, these are not the only issues to consider.

Another form of mistreatment is overusing antipsychotics on residents. While such medication may be useful under the right circumstances, they can be dangerous for patients who do not need them.

College student dead after truck accident

A college student has died following a serious accident in a community a short distance from Pittsburgh. The fatal accident is the latest in a series of major collisions along the same stretch of roadway, and officials are now looking into solutions that would improve safety.

The 22-year-old woman who was driving and later died supposedly was traveling one direction on the road. Although many neighbors have complained of a speeding problem in the area, it was not known exactly how fast the woman was traveling or if she was exceeding the posted speed limit. The woman collided with a commercial box truck traveling in the opposite direction of the vehicle, and police reported the box truck was in the middle of a left turn when the collision happened.

Shenango Township woman facing DUI charges after car accident

New Castle police have filed DUI charges against a Shenango Township woman who caused a head-on accident and severe injuries to the other driver. The injured driver in this New Castle accident was 80 years old and passed away a few weeks after the collision. This shows how devastating car crashes caused by drunk driving can be.

If you are injured by a drunk driver, you might be wondering what you can do. Here are your options to get compensation for your injuries.

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