Effective Advocacy For Victims Of ATV Accidents

Four-wheelers are fun to ride but offer little protection in a crash. The legal team at Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George is familiar with the severe injuries in ATV accidents. We also know the challenges victims face in seeking compensation for those injuries.

Our experienced attorneys have successfully represented ATV injury victims and grieving families in western Pennsylvania in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. We take swift and sure action to hold the negligent parties accountable.

Four-Wheeler Injuries Are Serious Injuries

ATV accidents are notorious for back and neck injuries, which often result in spinal cord trauma and paralysis. Also common are broken legs, broken ribs and other fractures, and serious injuries to hands and joints. Brain trauma and facial injuries can occur even with a helmet in a high-impact collision or rollover wreck.

Luxenberg Garbett Kelly George works with victims and families to detail the hardships and long-term effects of an accident. We also work with medical specialists and other experts to calculate damages for past and future medical care, diminished earning capacity, permanent disability or disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

Did Negligence Cause The Crash Or Increase The Injuries?

Frequently ATV riders are blamed for an accident that was not their fault. Our attorneys are skilled at identifying liable parties and demonstrating the causal connection to what our clients have suffered. In off-roading accidents involving a quad bike, dirt bike or another all-terrain vehicle, we visit the accident scene to investigate all the angles. This might result in claims against:

  • An automobile driver who failed to see the ATV or yield the right of way
  • An adult who recklessly injured an ATV passenger
  • A property owner who created a safety hazard
  • A government agency that is responsible for road defects or obstructions
  • An ATV manufacturer whose machine was defective or dangerously designed
  • An ATV operator who ran over a pedestrian

Discover How Luxenberg Garbett Kelly George Can Help

Our past clients – and the insurance companies – know that we get results. At Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George, you are represented by experienced trial lawyers who are prepared to try the case if we cannot obtain a fair settlement that covers your losses.

We extend a free consultation and case evaluation, with five office locations in Lawrence, Butler and Beaver counties. We can also make home or hospital visits. Please call 724-761-2094 or contact us by email at lgkg.com.