Drunk Driving Accidents Present A Number Of Injury Lawsuit Possibilities

It seems as though whenever a drunk driver gets into a car accident, he or she suffers the least of the injuries. Other drivers and passengers are the ones who typically sustain very serious and often life-threatening injuries.

At Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George, P.C., we are dedicated to standing up for the rights of injured people whose lives have been impacted by a driver who decided to drink and get behind the wheel. Our firm is staffed with highly experienced trial attorneys who do not back down from a fight. Insurance companies know we try cases and excel at obtaining recoveries for our clients.

Were You Injured By A Drunk Driver?

It is not uncommon for the victim in a drunk driving accident to be suffering from a wide range of devastating injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, shattered or broken bones, spinal cord injuries, neck and back injuries, amputations, burns and more. These injuries often leave someone unable to work, with mounting medical bills and in terrible pain. Our New Castle-based firm zealously takes action on behalf of clients whose lives have been altered simply due to someone’s decision to drink and drive.

Pennsylvania Dram Shop Law

In Pennsylvania, the drunk driver is not the only one who can be held responsible for the accident. Our state has an existing dram shop law. This is a law that holds a bar, restaurant or any other establishment, or person, that continues to serve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person responsible for the damages caused by the drunk driver. This is another avenue for us to explore when determining how to approach the case.

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