Common Car Accident Injuries

When people think of personal injuries, many think immediately of car accidents. In 2012, 1.6 million people were injured in car accidents, and 30,000 were killed. This is because cars are commonly used heavy pieces of moving machinery that are capable of causing serious damage and/or death to a person who comes in contact with it in the wrong way.

Speed Matters, But So Does Impact

While the worst car accident injuries usually happen when a vehicle is moving at high speeds, it is still possible for serious injuries or death to occur when a car is moving very slowly, or even not at all, such as when a driver is backing out of a driveway or parking spot and hits a pedestrian or someone on a bicycle. Children and the elderly are most susceptible to these injuries and they don’t always have the physical capability to recover the way a younger or middle age adult might. Injuries also happen when a car is moving slowly in traffic, and the driver of the car behind it misjudges how fast they can go and rear ends the car ahead of it. The neck injury or whiplash is a common result, but injuries can be even more serious. The passengers and drivers in the front vehicle can hit their heads on the dashboard or be hit with objects inside the car, potentially causing brain injury. They may also suffer burns and abrasions from the seat belt, broken bones, and back injuries that can cause them chronic pain for the rest of their lives.

Back, Head, And Nerve Injuries

Having a strong functioning back, a strong brain, and good nervous system are all central to being able to live a full life that is not plagued by crippling pain. When someone has been injured in a serious car accidents, these are often things that the injured party can no longer take for granted. Some of the worst injuries involve nerve damage to the spinal cord which can result in long term or even permanent paralysis and/or pain. A blow to the head can impair cognitive function which can leave a person unable to work and earn a living and prevent many future meaningful relationships

Neck And Chest Injuries

Injuries to the neck and chest can affect a person’s breathing function, and may be especially dangerous for someone who has an existing heart condition. These types of injuries — or almost any injury can potentially raise the stress levels of a person with such a condition and cause cardiac arrest. Even without heart issues, someone who has taken a blow to the neck or chest may experience long term pain that could limit their ability to function normally long after the crash

Broken Bones And Internal Injuries

With the impact of an accident, broken bones are not uncommon, and it isn’t always easy to tell what is broken right away. Cracked or broken ribs can potentially puncture a vital organ, such as the lungs, heart or kidneys causing long term health problems, pain, or even death from internal bleeding.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, it can take time to realize exactly what you’re up against. An experienced attorney will be able to look at the case carefully and may be able to help you and your family to gain the compensation you need to move forward to the next chapter of your lives.