College student dead after truck accident

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A college student has died following a serious accident in a community a short distance from Pittsburgh. The fatal accident is the latest in a series of major collisions along the same stretch of roadway, and officials are now looking into solutions that would improve safety.

The 22-year-old woman who was driving and later died supposedly was traveling one direction on the road. Although many neighbors have complained of a speeding problem in the area, it was not known exactly how fast the woman was traveling or if she was exceeding the posted speed limit. The woman collided with a commercial box truck traveling in the opposite direction of the vehicle, and police reported the box truck was in the middle of a left turn when the collision happened.

Once a rescue team arrived, the woman’s body was removed from the vehicle via special tools because her vehicle was so seriously mangled. The truck also had damage, although that damage was not as extensive.

This story is just the latest illustration of how devastating truck accidents can be. In this case, a family lost a beloved relative. Moreover, she likely had a lot of economic promise ahead of her as a potential college graduate. Her loved ones will no doubt miss her and will likely suffer from some financial impacts because of her premature death. Although the details of this accident will still have to be investigated, the family of the woman should remember that they might be eligible to receive compensation via a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: WPXI, “Young woman dies after crash in Youngwood,” May 2, 2017.

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