Toddler dies in Pittsburgh area car crash

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A recent car crash on a highway in the Pittsburgh area left a young girl, who was two years old, dead. The girl’s father was driving the vehicle, and the girl was reportedly not in a car seat.

The girl’s mother, when asked, said she was at work when the wreck happened and thought the girl was heading home with her father. She said she did not know why the child was not in a car seat.

The accident happened on Interstate 279 in the early morning hours. According to police, the vehicle in which the child was traveling possibly missed an exit and decided to back up on the Interstate to get off at the right ramp.

Unfortunately, someone behind the father’s vehicle may have not been paying attention to this unusual maneuver and slammed in to the back of the father’s car. According to the child’s mother, an unknown third party was driving the father’s vehicle when the accident happened.

Police have not reported on how fast the vehicles was traveling and indicated that, as part of standard procedure, there would be toxicology testing. The driver of the car that ran in to the rear of the father’s vehicle also had to be transported to the hospital for treatment.

It is tragic that a little girl died in this accident, especially since police indicated a car seat would likely have saved the child’s life. However, the fact the child was not in a car seat does not make the accident all her parents’ fault.

Many questions still need to be answered after this tragedy. But, as with all fatal car accidents, it is possible that those who were closest to this girl would be able to pursue a wrongful death cause of action.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Mother ‘in shock’ after 2-year-old killed in Parkway North crash,” Johnathan D. Silver & Molly Born, May 18, 2017

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