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May 2018 Archives

Birth defects and birth injuries could be due to negligence

Parents who are having babies in Pennsylvania may be going through various different emotions, but generally there is excitement. There may also be nerves as well, but most parents are not thinking about all the things that could go wrong with the birth. They may have been told about some of the possibilities, but most people do not think that those things will happen to them. So, when things do go wrong and their baby is not completely healthy, it can be very devastating for the parents.

3 common causes of barista injuries

The café industry is popular and there are no signs of it stopping soon. If you work at a coffee shop, you know that customers are always flowing in and demanding the best service. Working in such a stressful and fast-paced environment may take a toll on you. 

Federal regulations aim to reduce truck driver fatigue

There are many different types of vehicles on the roads in Pennsylvania. There are scooters and motorcycles, cars and pick-up trucks, both of which come in various different sizes. There are also moving and cargo vans, buses, tractor-trailers and other types of vehicles. While these vehicles come in various different sizes and serve different purposes, one thing that is common to all of them is that if they are not driven safely, they could end up in an accident.

Students can bully their peers with food

When going through your childhood memories, you may remember bullying as something you experienced in school. Bullying can be emotionally painful and leave lifelong mental scars, as you are aware. Bullying may even be physically threatening for Pennsylvania children. You know that bullies might shove, kick or strike their victims, but you may not have heard about a lesser-known, but potentially even more harmful, form of abuse – food allergy bullying.

Process for filing a workers' compensation claim

There are many different ways that people are injured on-the-job in Pennsylvania. One thing that is consistent, though, is that these injuries can be very costly. Many injuries require medical treatment and force people to miss time at work. In certain situations the person will have to cover these expenses themselves, but depending on the circumstances, the person who caused the injury may have to compensate the victim.

Pennsylvanians should focus on motorcycle safety this May

People in Pennsylvania have certainly noticed that the weather is finally getting warmer. People will be getting outside more and more. This includes people who will be out riding their motorcycles on the roads. So, as the number of motorcycles on the roads increases, it is important to remind the other drivers on the roads to watch out for them to avoid motorcycle accidents. That is why the month of May has been designated National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

3 tips for helping a family member after a car accident

When a family member gets into a car accident, there are a lot of worries swirling around your head. You may wonder how your loved one will recover emotionally, physically and financially. It can be difficult to know what to say or do in these circumstances, but it is important for you to help.

Fatigue in doctors and nurses can lead to mistakes

People in Pennsylvania get differing amounts of sleep each night. The recommendations on what the appropriate amount of sleep is for adults varies, but each person needs to get enough sleep to feel alert and awake. If they do not get the appropriate amount of sleep, people are generally lackadaisical and they do not think through problems very effectively. For many people, the results of mistakes made while tired are not life-changing. However, mistakes can be life-altering when doctors and other medical personnel are fatigued.

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