Police say motorcyclist killed by trucker watching Steelers game

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Smartphones are very common in Pennsylvania and many people own them. They have made life much more convenient and allow people to communicate much easier. However, this convenience can be very dangerous while people are driving. If people are texting, reading emails, checking their GPS, looking at a website or doing many other things, they are not watching the road and could easily cause an accident.

Recently a truck driver went beyond simply texting on his phone. The truck driver killed a motorcyclist in a motorcycle accident. Police the say that at the time of the accident he was watching the Pittsburgh Steelers football game on his phone. As he was distracted, he hit the back of the motorcycle and the motorcyclist was killed as a result.

This is an egregious error by the truck driver that led to this accident, but many times motorcyclists are struck by other motorists who are not using phones or not distracted in any way. Due to the fact that motorcycles are much smaller in size than most other vehicles on the road, it can be easy for other drivers to not see them when changing lanes or making turns.

These accidents also leave the motorcyclist with severe injuries in many instances, because they also have limited protections between them and the roads. There are no seat belts and airbags or a strong metal frame to protect them like other vehicles. These injuries can also be very costly as well, and the motorcyclist could incur expensive medical bills for a long period of time.

Unfortunately there are many motorcycle accidents every year. We are now in the peak time for motorcyclists to be on the roads, so this is when the most accidents also occur. Many motorcyclists will be forced to deal with the devastating aftermath of them. Victims of motorcycle accidents may want to determine if they can seek compensation for their injuries if another driver caused the crash. This will not heal the injuries but can still be very valuable for the motorcyclist.

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