4 hurt in serious front-end collision in New Castle

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes happen every day in America, and New Castle is no exception to the rule. When the weather is poor, drivers are distracted or other issues lead to crashes, and people often get hurt. Sometimes, they’re killed.

Fortunately, emergency teams are waiting to help get people to the medical care they need after a crash. This quick care is what saves some people’s lives.

Take, for example, a case in New Castle from Dec. 18. A crash took place on the ramp on the west end of the viaduct at Mahoning Avenue. The crash, which happened in the early evening around 7:45 p.m., involved two vehicles, a Chevrolet and Kia.

The driver of the Chevy was rushed to the regional trauma center via helicopter alongside a female from the other vehicle. Two other victims were transported to UPMC Jameson Hospital for care.

Looking at photos from the scene, the head-on collision led to both vehicles having crumpled front ends. Airbags were deployed, indicating the seriousness of the impact.

No matter what kind of car accident you are in, it is important to seek medical care right away. It is fortunate that none of the people involved in this case were killed. However, someone will be held liable for the crash. The same is true in your case if another driver was not paying attention or made a mistake that led to your injuries. It is important to hold them responsible and to make sure that they cover the expenses that you accrue. It is only fair after your life was put in danger.

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