Website forum accused of participating in woman’s suicide

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It is devastating when people take their own lives. However, sometimes, when that happens, it’s not only their fault. Their choice to commit suicide could result in a wrongful death claim in some cases.

Take, for example, this case reported on May 29. A 25-year-old woman had severe anxiety and depression, but she was seeking help. Despite that, nothing seemed to work for her, but she was still living. Her sister said that the woman often said, “I don’t want to live, but I also don’t want to die.” This suggests that suicide might not have been something she was looking into.

The same day she said that to her sister, she found an internet forum dedicated to the topic of suicide. There, she told people that she was attempting suicide. They wished her well, and no one called the police. No one encouraged her to seek help. Her family says that the people on that site told her what to do to end her life.

The people in the forum guided her to her death over several days. They knew she was in trouble but did nothing. The website’s administrator argued that no one gave her the “recipe” to end her life, but her family doesn’t believe it based on the evidence.

Whether or not these people can be held accountable would be based on police investigations and if anyone encouraged her to commit suicide or provided her with the way to do so. If you lose a loved one this way, know that you, too, may be able to hold others responsible for their actions.

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