Vehicle Accident With Amish Buggy Leaves Two Dead

In parts of Pennsylvania, Amish buggies share the road with other types of vehicles. It is the responsibility of these drivers to make sure they are properly sharing the road and not needlessly endangering others. A recent vehicle accident between a commercial truck and buggy left two Amish family members dead, underscoring the importance of safe driving.

There was a family of five in the buggy at the time of the accident. The collision claimed the life of the young mother and the 10-year old son. The man behind the wheel of the logging truck claims that he did not see the buggy in front of him. He crashed into the back of the buggy as it was traveling on the road.

The mother and son were declared dead by emergency personnel at the scene of the accident. The other three family members were taken to a hospital, and one of the children has been released. There is no word about the other two family members. The trucker was cooperative with the authorities at the scene of the accident.

Amish buggies are a common sight in parts of Pennsylvania. People from the area and used to driving on the roads near Amish communities know it is likely they will share the road with a buggy, and care and caution are essential. This trucker and the logging company that employs the trucker likely have a responsibility for the tragic vehicle accident, and a civil claim may be an appropriate course of action for the grieving family.

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