How will I pay my medical bills after a crash injury?

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No one likes to think about suffering an injury in a car accident. Yet, each year, according to the CDC, about 3 million people suffer nonfatal injuries in car accidents in the United States. If you suffer an injury in an accident, your life suddenly becomes more complicated. You may need surgery to fix a broken leg or ankle. You may suffer a serious traumatic brain injury and need months of rehabilitation treatment.

How are you going to pay your medical bills from your injury and recovery?

Making a personal injury claim

You first will report your accident and injury to your insurance provider. Because Pennsylvania is a no-fault state for auto insurance, your insurance provider will pay your injury costs. If you want to receive maximum compensation for your personal injury costs, you want to seek medical treatment right away and follow your doctor’s treatment plan.

Getting help with a personal injury claim

You shouldn’t accept an injury settlement from your insurance provider without consulting a personal injury attorney. Often, insurance companies offer small settlements shortly after an accident occurs. They want to agree to a settlement before your injury costs rise possibly higher. You want to ensure any settlement you accept will properly compensate you for your injury costs.

If you suffered serious injuries, injuries that left you disfigured or permanently disabled, you may want to consider suing the other driver if their negligence caused the crash. With a personal injury lawsuit, you could recover money to pay:

  • your current and future medical bills
  • lost wages
  • lost future wages
  • money for your pain and suffering

You shouldn’t have to worry about paying your medical bills and recovery costs after an accident. That’s why seeking help from an attorney can be beneficial, so you get the compensation you need to move forward.

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