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medical malpractice Archives

Holding medical professionals accountable for their negligence

Doctors in Pennsylvania have to go through many years of school and training before they can be certified and allowed to practice. This is because they have very important jobs, which has a big effect on people's health and their lives. Sometimes they need to perform highly technical and dangerous procedures to help people. Other times they may need to perform a routine surgery or procedure, but in either case if the procedure is done incorrectly, it could have very serious consequences for the victim.

Using technology to give medication can have adverse effects

There have been many technological advances in all areas of society throughout time in Pennsylvania. It is sometimes amazing to look back and see all the developments even within even the last 20 years. These technological advances have made life much more convenient in many aspects of life. The amount of information and things people are able to do with their phones and how people are able shop have made life much more convenient. However, there are also adverse effects as well such as identity theft, This is now much easier and many people have been affected by it.

Warning signs that loved ones are victims of nursing home neglect

As parents and other loved ones age, many are unable to care for all of their needs, especially if the loved one needs daily medical attention. So, many people end up placing their loved ones in a nursing home so that their needs are met. People try to do their research and pick the best possible home, but even at the best nursing homes people make mistakes from time to time.

Compensation for a failed diagnosis or treatment by a doctor

One of the unfortunate facts of life is that people in Pennsylvania will get injured or become ill at some point in time in their life. Sometimes the injuries or illnesses are minor in nature and do not need any medical treatment. However, there are many other injuries and illnesses that do require people to see doctors to treat the illness or injury.

Doctors need to obtain consent prior to certain procedures

People in Pennsylvania go to the doctor every day. There are many reasons people see the doctor and many times, fortunately, it is for preventive care or minor illnesses and injuries. However, no matter how routine or simple something may seem, there are risks associated with medications and medical procedures. Other procedures and surgeries come with much more serious risks and further injury or illness or even death could be an outcome.

Statute of limitations for medical malpractice in Pennsylvania

No one in Pennsylvania is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Some of these mistakes do not have a great effect on the person or those around them and people move on easily. Other mistakes have lasting consequences for the person making the mistake and those around them. When doctors and medical professionals make mistakes many times it is the latter situation and patients may suffer lasting consequences because of the mistake.

Medical malpractice damage caps in Pennsylvania

Residents who go to the doctor expect to get better after treatment. At a minimum, patients expect their doctors will do what they can to prevent the condition from getting worse. Unfortunately, in many cases, doctors make careless mistakes that leave patients in a worsened condition. In the worst cases, a patient may even die because of a doctor's professional errors.

We help the tiniest victims of medical malpractice

Not surprisingly, complications related to pregnancy, labor and delivery are devastating to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, parents when they result in a child being stillborn or dying shortly after birth. In other cases, complications leave an infant alive, but suffering permanent and serious medical problems that could prevent them from functioning normally.

How common is it for a doctor to operate on the wrong body part?

Many people in the Pittsburgh area probably think that a so-called, "wrong site" surgery, is a rare even that only happens to incompetent surgeons. Unfortunately, the chances of even an experienced surgeon operating on the wrong location, or even operating on the wrong patient, are higher than anyone in Pennsylvania might think. Moreover, "wrong site" surgeries also include those cases in which doctors perform the wrong procedure on the right part.

Crucial Guidelines to Solving Medical Malpractice

Advancement in science and technology has tremendously improved health service delivery across the U.S. Gone are the days when patients succumbed to death due to inadequate medication or surgical tools to operate on cancerous tissues. Despite such progress, doctors and nurses are still prone to medical professional negligence. This essentially puts patients in danger based on incompetence or lapse in judgment when executing tasks. As a victim of medical malpractice, several mistakes can ultimately lead to catastrophic injuries or death in the worst case scenario.

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