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motorcycle accidents Archives

Many riders are in motorcycle accidents every year

As the weather turns colder there are fewer motorcyclists on Pennsylvania roads, but they are still out there. That means that other motorists on the road need to stay vigilant in looking out for them and avoid causing motorcycle accidents. These accidents may not cause much damage to the drivers of the cars and trucks, but they can cause catastrophic injuries to the riders on the motorcycles. Many times the riders' lives will never be the same afterwards.

Tips on how drivers can avoid accidents with motorcycles

When motorcycles are involved in crashes, the riders are particularly vulnerable to catastrophic injuries due to the lack of protections offered by the motorcycle.So, the other drivers on the road need to be extra careful when driving to avoid causing motorcycle accidents.

Common ways that motorcycle accidents occur

Summer is winding down in Pennsylvania, but it is still warm enough to get out and ride motorcycles. So, many motorcyclists are still on the roads and will be until fall turns into winter. It is important that other motorists are still aware of motorcycles and look for them when they are on the roads. Motorcycle accidents can be very devastating for the motorcyclists and cause catastrophic injuries.

Police investigating what caused a fatal motorcycle accident

Many people in Pennsylvania own motorcycles and like to enjoy them during these warm summer months. The freedom many motorcycle riders love can also lead to safety concerns as well. Many cars and trucks are not looking for motorcycles or do not see them when they are making turns or changing lanes. This can lead to motorcycle accidents, which can be very devastating for the motorcyclists who have little to protect themselves from the road and other hazards around the roads.

We represent victims of motorcycle accidents

A previous post on this blog gave motorists in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, helpful tips on driving around motorcycles. Being on guard is important, especially since motorcycle riders do not have protection and are likely to get seriously injured in a collision. Moreover, a motorcycle is prone to tipping during a sudden maneuver, so even a near miss can be serious or even deadly.

With summer here, drivers need to be on guard for motorcyclists

As many residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, know, summer is a time where drivers see many motorcyclists on the road. While those who ride motorcycles are still expected to follow traffic laws, other drivers are also legally expected to use appropriate caution around motorcycles. Especially given the fact that motorcycle riders do not have a lot of protection, a driver's not being careful can cause motorcycle accidents that lead to serious injuries.

Wrestling announcer's wife dies in accident

The wife of a famous announcer who has been calling wrestling matches for decades has died following a tragic accident in another state. Both of them had ties to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the woman was a die-hard Steelers fan who often came back to Pittsburgh to watch them play.

Motorcyclist miraculously survives bizarre crash

Maybe it just wasn't his time to go. A motorcyclist is still breathing today, but his survival can only be described as miraculous. The motorcyclist was heading down the highway when he was almost run over by a passenger car. Moments later, the driver of that car slammed on his brakes and the motorcyclist, unable to react quickly enough, slammed into the back of the vehicle. That's when things got crazy.

A motorcycle accident is different

There is a lot that can go wrong when driving a motorcycle. Motorcycle riders are more exposed than auto drivers. So, the injuries they sustain can be more severe. Also, there is somewhat of a stigma attached to bikers that doesn't help your case. Overall, there are characteristics unique to motorcycle accidents that are helpful to know if you're ever in one.

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