Is Your Loved One A Victim Of Mistreatment In A Nursing Home?


When Pennsylvania families place their loved ones in nursing homes, it is with the expectation they will receive compassionate care and adequate medical support. When long-term care facilities fail to meet an acceptable standard of care, innocent patients can suffer physically, mentally and emotionally. If you suspect that your loved one’s nursing home has been negligent, leading to your family member’s harm, we can help.

At Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George we stand up for those who may not be able to speak for themselves. If your loved one is a victim of any type of mistreatment in care facilities, we can help you fight to hold liable parties accountable. Our experienced personal injury lawyers will come alongside your family and help you pursue appropriate compensation on behalf of your loved one.

Indicators Of A Serious Problem

Many victims of various types of nursing home abuse and negligence do not report what they experienced because they are afraid, ashamed or unable to do so. Family members may notice certain signs that could indicate potential issues, such as neglect. Some common indicators of nursing home negligence include:

  • Your loved one has lost weight or is suffering from issues related to dehydration.
  • There is evidence of unsanitary conditions in the facilities or in the patient’s room.
  • Unexplained injuries and bruises could indicate a lack of supervision or abuse.
  • Your family member is withdrawn or showing other signs of depression.

Our attorneys have successfully handled nursing home neglect cases, and we will take immediate action to thoroughly investigate your loved one’s situation and identify an appropriate course of legal action. Neglect and mistreatment in nursing homes are unacceptable, and we can help you fight back.

Helping Your Family Move Forward

Learning that your loved one suffered because of neglect can be disheartening and overwhelming. Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George can help your family during this difficult time, pursuing damages and compensation for physical injuries, additional medical care needed and emotional duress. Find out how you can hold a nursing home and facility management accountable for negligent care and its consequences.

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