We Represent Victims And Families Following Airplane Crashes


The western Pennsylvania law firm of Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George can represent the interests of airplane accident victims and surviving family members in both wrongful death actions and personal injury litigation.

Our board-certified civil trial lawyers work to ensure that clients are compensated for the devastating loss of a loved one or the catastrophic injuries suffered in a plane crash. Contact us today at 724-761-2094 for a free initial consultation. We represent clients in Lawrence County and throughout western Pennsylvania.

Aviation Accidents

Airplane accidents are typically caused by:

  • Pilot error — Negligence in preflight checks; dangerous maneuvers; flying with knowledge of bad weather; disregarding tower instructions or warnings; errors in taxi, takeoff or landing
  • Airplane defect — Failure of the plane to perform as designed; defects in the rudder, ailerons, engines, landing gear or other components
  • Negligent maintenance — Inadequate preflight inspections; disregarding recommended repairs; shortcuts or defective replacement parts; failure to de-ice wings

Litigation Of Aircraft Accidents

We have a board-certified civil trial specialist with experience in both airplane accidents and products liability who knows what to look for in building a case for liability. We pore over every detail of the findings of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which investigates airplane accidents. We obtain data from the “black box” and cockpit recordings.

Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George represented the wife and children of a man who was among 132 people killed in the crash of a commercial carrier. Working with a steering committee of attorneys representing other victims, we retained aviation engineering experts who pinpointed a defective rudder as the cause of the accident. Our firm interviewed co-workers and hired economists to project the loss of future earnings over the course of the man’s normal life expectancy. After four years of discovery, we reached an eight-figure settlement on behalf of his family.

If you were injured in a light plane crash or lost a family member in an airplane accident, contact our New Castle office today for a free case evaluation.