Do You Have A Defective Product Case?


The law firm of Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George has the ability and resources to hold manufacturers accountable for bad product design. If a defective product or component caused serious injury or death, we are prepared to take the case to a jury if necessary in pursuit of justice.

Our personal injury trial lawyers have the technical understanding of product engineering to evaluate your potential lawsuit against a manufacturer. Contact us today at our office in New Castle for a free case evaluation.

We represent clients in Lawrence County and throughout western Pennsylvania. Our board-certified trial lawyers have secured settlements and verdicts in these complex cases:

  • Auto defects — Tire blowout, air bag failure, roof crumpling in a rollover
  • Consumer products — Faulty design of power tools, failure of lawn mower safety shut-off
  • Workplace machinery — Such as a hydraulic machine that continued to compress after the victim hit the stop button, crushing his fingers
  • Heavy equipment — Defective brakes on a paving roller and defective transmission on a grader, both of which resulted in wrongful deaths
  • Aircraft — A defective rudder that killed 132 people in a crash
  • Roadway defects — Numerous cases involving dangerous design or signage on highways

Every Case Is Prepared For The Possibility Of A Trial

Manufacturers and their insurance carriers have high-powered lawyers and considerable resources to defend against defective product lawsuits. Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George has two board-certified civil trial specialists with the litigation experience to take on major corporations. We have access to pre-eminent experts in product engineering and manufacturing processes and use state-of-the-art presentations to explain product defects and resulting injuries to a jury.

By assembling a compelling case for a jury, we can often convince the defendants and their insurers to settle for the full policy limits or full value of the claim.

Talk To Our Pennsylvania Products Liability Attorneys

If you think you might have a products liability case, contact us immediately to assess the facts and preserve important evidence. We offer a free initial consultation at 724-761-2094, with five convenient locations to meet our clients.