Fighting Back Against Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims


If you suffered injuries in a workplace accident or became ill because of your Pennsylvania job, it can be critical to secure financial support through a workers’ compensation claim. From recovery of some of your lost wages to the specific types of ongoing care you may need, you need these benefits so you can take time to fully recover and eventually return to the workforce.

It can be devastating to learn your claim came back denied, but you still have options. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George can help you continue your fight for benefits. We have extensive experience litigating denied claims, and we guide you through the appropriate course of action.

What Happens After A Denied Claim?

Going through the process of seeking workers’ compensation benefits after a denied claim is not easy. We will walk with you through every step, filing the appropriate documentation and speaking on your behalf in any hearing. When you turn to our firm with a denied claim, we will start by filing a petition with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and take steps to ensure your case goes before a workers’ compensation judge. During the hearing, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate why you have a rightful claim to these benefits.

We understand what is at stake for you and your family, and we will handle all aspects of your case on your behalf. Our lawyers will employ their resources and experience for your benefit, covering all litigation costs during the course of your case, including physician depositions. If we are successful on your behalf, the insurance company will pay our expenses, but if we do not win, you will not owe us anything.

Insurance Companies Do Not Intimidate Us

The tactics often employed by insurance companies do not intimidate us. Our team at Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George will guide you through the litigation process after a denied workers’ compensation claim, diligently pursuing a successful outcome on your behalf.

Learn more about your options after a denied claim by calling our office at 724-761-2094 or emailing us to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation case consultation with an experienced member of our New Castle legal team.