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Is now a good time for a bike ride?

As more and more individuals are electing to bike to their destinations, the amount of bicycle accidents and fatalities that occur from a motor-vehicle collision are steadily increasing.

A 2016 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study shows that bicyclist fatalities composed 2.2 percent of total traffic deaths. This amounted to 840 fatalities. To stay as safe as possible on the road, it is beneficial to understand when fatalities are most common.

Four people brought to hospital after car crash

Many people rely on their cars and drive them almost every day. People use them to get almost everywhere they go. This could be to go to work, to school, to the store, to run errands, go to dinner, get together with friends and family and for many other reasons. While people are driving, it is almost a guarantee that they will not be the only vehicle on the roads as well and will have to interact with the other vehicles. This interaction can lead to many car accidents and all drivers need to drive safely to avoid them.

However, not all drivers drive safely and many people are injured in the accidents that result. This recently happened to four people after a head-on crash. Two vehicles were involved in the crash and all four people involved in the accident were trapped in the vehicles until emergency crews were able to pull them out. All four were also brought to hospitals to treat their injuries. The investigation into the accident is not complete, but one of the drivers may have been under the influence of drugs.

No disruptions while driving

A recent feature from Apple helps eliminate the temptation and prevalence of cell phone use while driving. Do Not Disturb While Driving rolled out the iPhone software in late 2017 in an attempt to curb dangerous distractions for drivers.

The feature could prove useful for Pennsylvanians who are among some of the most frequently distracted drivers in the country.

Am I safe at work?

Employees in Pennsylvania go to work every day with the expectation that they will safely make it home again after the workday ends. Workplace accidents and injuries are an unfortunate reality, but you are not on your own when it comes to protecting yourself and your future after an injury.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration protects employees from hazardous working conditions and regulates most businesses to watch for potential dangers. OSHA regulations cover a wide variety of workplace hazards, from exposure to asbestos and bloodborne pathogens to protection from falls and machinery regulations.

Types of damages one may receive in a medical malpractice lawsuit

When people go to the doctor in Pennsylvania it can be expensive. However, for many it is worth the cost in order to have their injuries or illnesses treated. Also, it is natural to expect that when people go to the doctor they will get better. This is not always the case, though. Sometimes when a person goes to the doctor, they end up with worse injuries or complications. Sometimes these are unavoidable due to the risks involved with the procedure, but other times it is due to the negligence of the doctors or other medical professionals.

Those types of situations can be particularly difficult, since these people go to the doctor to get better, but end up in a worse situation. This also means that they will have to incur even more medical bills and potentially lose even more income if they are unable to work while they are treated for the new injuries. People in this situation may be able to receive compensation for their injuries though through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Why was my workers' compensation denied?

Work injuries can be common depending on which industry you work in. In the event you find yourself injured and unable to work and are expecting high medical bills or future discomfort, you should consider filing for workers' compensation. Do not be discouraged if your claim is denied. Unfortunately, employers and insurance often fight against and deny workers' compensation claims. Some reasons can include: 

Helping victims of truck accidents seek what they deserve

Almost anyone who has driven on Pennsylvania roads has encountered tractor-trailers while driving. They are a vital part of commerce in Pennsylvania and drive on almost any type of road to get to their destinations. Semi-trucks are much larger than the other vehicles on the road and can be intimidating to drive next to. This is why it is so important that the trucks are driven safely and in proper working order. When semi-trucks are involved in truck accidents, they can cause severe injuries to the others involved.

In order to help ensure that the trucks are driven correctly and are in proper working condition, there are many federal regulations that truck drivers and trucking companies must follow. These include strict regulations for hours of service and alcohol consumption for the drivers. The truck companies must ensure that the brakes are in good working order, that tires are good, that the connections between the cab and bed are secure and generally ensure that the truck will not malfunction while on the roads.

Weekly payouts for workers' compensation in Pennsylvania

Each type of job in Pennsylvania has its own set of demands and job requirements. Some jobs require long periods of sitting down in front of a computer and are relatively safe. However, there are many other types of jobs that require significant physical demands and the use of heavy machinery. Others require exposure to various toxic chemicals or hazardous materials. These types of jobs have more inherent risks involved and more workers are injured while working.

These workers may be placed in very difficult situations afterward both physically and financially. This is especially true if they are unable to work or incurred significant medical bills while treating the injury or illness. Workers who find themselves in this unfortunate situation may want to seek workers' compensation benefits. These benefits pay for the medical expenses and can also pay for part of the injured workers' incomes while they are unable to work.

Police say motorcyclist killed by trucker watching Steelers game

Smartphones are very common in Pennsylvania and many people own them. They have made life much more convenient and allow people to communicate much easier. However, this convenience can be very dangerous while people are driving. If people are texting, reading emails, checking their GPS, looking at a website or doing many other things, they are not watching the road and could easily cause an accident.

Recently a truck driver went beyond simply texting on his phone. The truck driver killed a motorcyclist in a motorcycle accident. Police the say that at the time of the accident he was watching the Pittsburgh Steelers football game on his phone. As he was distracted, he hit the back of the motorcycle and the motorcyclist was killed as a result.

Whiplash from a car accident can cause significant problems

There are many things that in a driver's control while they are driving in Pennsylvania. They can control their speed, their brakes, checking blind spots, signaling turns, obeying traffic signals and simply paying attention to the road. However, there are dangers on the road they cannot control. That is the actions of the other drivers on the road. People who are driving perfectly can still end up in a car accident because another driver did something wrong.

This is typically the case when people are rear-ended by other drivers. Usually that means that the driver was not paying attention or driving to close to stop in time. These types of accidents can lead to a variety of different of injuries, but one of the more common ones is whiplash.

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