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Pittsburgh Personal Injury Law Blog

Deadly crash leaves 1 dead in head-on collision

A wrongful death that is caused as a result of a car crash is devastating for the family of the victim. In many cases, the victims are young parents or even teenagers; these are people just beginning their lives.

Take, for example, a crash that happened on Jan. 11. During the collision, a 35-year-old man from Ohio allegedly crossed the double yellow line on Carbon Bicco Road just across the state line. Inside the other vehicle, a 34-year-old man from New Castle, Pennsylvania, was in the driver's seat when his vehicle was hit head-on.

4 hurt in serious front-end collision in New Castle

Car crashes happen every day in America, and New Castle is no exception to the rule. When the weather is poor, drivers are distracted or other issues lead to crashes, and people often get hurt. Sometimes, they're killed.

Fortunately, emergency teams are waiting to help get people to the medical care they need after a crash. This quick care is what saves some people's lives.

Does your boss provide the required fall protection?

Construction workers in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas face an endless list of safety hazards, whether they work on single-story residential projects or skyscrapers. One of the most significant risks is working at heights, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict standards of fall protection with which employers must comply. They must maintain safe work environments and provide employees with fall protection training, education and equipment.

If you are a member of a construction crew, you might not realize that you have the right to refuse to work at elevated levels without the necessary personal protective equipment. Your employer must also provide adequate training in the proper use of the protective systems.

Nursing home cases: Here's what happens

Nursing home negligence is just as bad as outright abuse. It is just as unacceptable to ignore a patient as it is to hurt them intentionally. For instance, a nursing home with call buttons is supposed to have nurses and aids ready to come to the assistance of those who need help in bed, getting out of bed, moving to the restroom or just changing positions. If there is no one responding to these calls, patients could be left without the care they need.

It is a difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, and that is something that these facilities have to respect. They should be treating your loved one as if they're their own mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers or other loved ones. If they mistreat your loved one, then they should be held responsible.

Improving the odds of staying safe while walking near traffic

With the holiday season underway, the amount of traffic on local roads might make it a nightmare to navigate to your desired destinations. To avoid dealing with traffic congestion, you may prefer to do most of your traveling via the sidewalk, despite the recent drop in temperature.

In some cases, it might even be quicker to move from place to place by walking, but you may worry that it isn't nearly as safe. While an accident can take place at any moment and under a variety of scenarios, by sticking to safe walking procedures, you may be able to reduce the odds that a disaster will occur.

Watch for these less common signs of abuse in nursing homes

Tragically, nursing home abuse is more common than many people realize. According to ABC News, abuse occurs in around 35 percent of nursing homes across the United States.

Common signs of nursing home abuse are bruises, broken bones, bed sores, dehydration and malnutrition. However, nursing home patients can show signs of abuse that might mimic other symptoms. If you have a loved one living in a nursing home, it is important to know the less common warning signs of abuse.

Did you suffer a FOOSH injury?

Every property owner in Pennsylvania owes visitors and patrons a duty of care. Creating or neglecting to remove or repair known hazardous conditions might lead to premises liability lawsuits. You might be wise to take additional care during the winter months because of the increased chances of stepping onto a slippery patch in a parking area or a shopping mall.

Entrances to malls or buildings are particularly treacherous because high volumes of consumers who walk through snow and ice bring wetness from outside. If the property owner fails to address those hazards, you could spend your holidays suffering the consequences of a FOOSH injury.

Should I be worried about facial trauma in nursing homes?

Deciding to place an elderly loved one in the care of a nursing home is never easy, but doing so is sometimes unavoidable. As parents and grandparents age, they often require specialized care that is simply not available in a home setting. Unfortunately, some facilities do not value your loved one's safety as much as you do, and trauma can occur.

Nursing home injuries are sadly not that uncommon in Pennsylvania, and you might already be familiar with issues like broken bones, bed sores or medication errors. However, these are not the only threats to your loved one's safety.

Is your work wardrobe ready for the perils of Pittsburgh winter?

Temperatures in Pittsburgh may be below freezing for the next few months, and if your job has you working outside, you will be at risk of suffering cold stress. Are you ready for it? Did you know that exposed skin can freeze, causing frostbite in temperatures of 28 degrees Fahrenheit? You might not think that is unusually cold, but if you remain outside, blood clots can form. Additionally, deep frostbite could cause gangrene, which might lead to amputations.Hypothermia develops if your body loses temperature faster than it can produce heat, and that loss of temperature can start even before the weather turns particularly nasty. If you feel lightheaded and confused, look out for the other symptoms like profuse sweating, nausea and fatigue. That is when you should get inside as soon as possible because hypothermia is a potentially fatal condition.

Motor vehicle accidents cause a variety of injuries

No one plans on being involved in a major motor vehicle accident, but a collision can take place at any given moment and under a variety of circumstances. While you might take every precaution possible while traveling on Pennsylvania highways, in some cases, this might not always be enough.

If you encounter a negligent driver, you may find it nearly impossible to react in time to avoid collision, and you could be the one who winds up suffering the consequences. With the extensive costs of medical care, suffering serious injuries in a collision can be a devastating experience.

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