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Motor vehicle accidents cause a variety of injuries

No one plans on being involved in a major motor vehicle accident, but a collision can take place at any given moment and under a variety of circumstances. While you might take every precaution possible while traveling on Pennsylvania highways, in some cases, this might not always be enough.

If you encounter a negligent driver, you may find it nearly impossible to react in time to avoid collision, and you could be the one who winds up suffering the consequences. With the extensive costs of medical care, suffering serious injuries in a collision can be a devastating experience.

Unsanitary instruments utilized at local hospital can lead to HIV

UPMC Jameson Hospital has informed patients that the proper cleaning process was not followed for ultrasound probes used in internal prostate, obstetrical and gynecological exams. As a result patients who were the subject of theses exams are at risk for HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases.

Steps to take after one is in a car crash

It is a smart idea for people in Pennsylvania to prepare in advance for different events. This can make the various events that arise in people's lives go much smoother than they may go without preparation. This is easy to do when the people know an event is going to happen at a specific time and place. However, there are many events in people's lives that are unexpected, and people do not know if the event will occur, much less when and where the event will occur.

One of these unexpected events is a car crash. While it is almost impossible to prepare for the car crash itself, people can prepare and know what steps to take after a car crash. Many of these steps depend on the severity of the crash. But, the steps people should take include, but are not limited to, staying at the scene especially if there are injuries; call the police; if possible, talk to witnesses and gather as much information about the circumstances as possible; exchange insurance information; wait for paramedics if there are injuries and others to establish what led to the accident.

Why many Pennsylvania motorists say no to alcohol

There is nothing inherently wrong with drinking alcohol. Perhaps you enjoy drinking in moderation with your spouse or close friends, especially on holidays or nights out on the town. In fact, just because you imbibe a glass of wine and later drive your car doesn't necessarily mean you are breaking the law. However, it also doesn't necessarily mean that you're not.

Every time you get behind the wheel, you are obligated to adhere to Pennsylvania traffic and safety regulations. The problem is you can only control your own behavior but not that of another driver on the road who may be acting and driving in a negligent or careless manner. You can be at risk, for instance, if someone else drinks and drives, increasing the odds of an accident.

Avoid spending the holidays in the hospital due to work injuries

A significant portion of the Western Pennsylvania workforce is part of the fulfillment center industry. If you are one of the many workers who will soon face the frantic peak season, you might recognize the need for learning about potential injury hazards. Only then can you work on your own precautionary measures to stay safe.

Fulfillment centers are always hives of activity, but when inexperienced seasonal workers come in, additional measures are necessary to prevent injuries. In anticipation of the rush, safety authorities highlighted some of the most common risks.

Requirements for medical experts in medical malpractice cases

Doctors in Pennsylvania must go through many years of school and training prior to practicing medicine. This is very important because the human body is a very complicated thing and has many different parts that need to work together to keep people healthy. So, when things go wrong people need to doctors who know exactly what they are doing to help ensure that the person is able to get better. However, sometimes the person does not get better and sometimes things get worse for them.

This could be because of natural complications that occurred that were unexpected and completely out of the control of the doctor. However, other times doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes and due to their negligence the patient either does not get better or end up in an even worse position medically. In these situations, the patient may have a medical malpractice claim against the doctor and be compensated for their injuries.

How do you know which nursing home is right for your family?

If you're an adult child of an aging parent in Pennsylvania, you are among many others in this state and beyond who often encounter challenges as they do their best to help their parents enjoy the highest quality of life possible while they live out their golden years. A time may come when you and your parent determine a need for him or her to move into a nursing home.

Thinking of your parent reaching this point in life can be emotionally upsetting. Perhaps he or she has lived in the same house since you were a child and you simply can't imagine him or her living elsewhere. It is not uncommon to feel sorrow, worry or anxiety as you start to research nursing homes in your area to try to find one that fits your parent's needs and long-term care planning goals.

Dump truck runs over a pedestrian at a travel center

Many different types of trucks travel on the roads in Pennsylvania every day. These trucks are of various sizes and provide different services. However, they do have things in common. One obvious one is that they are much larger than most other vehicles on the road. Another is that the drivers of the trucks tend to have more blind spots due to the size of the vehicles. So, it is extra important that the drivers pay very close attention to their surroundings when they are driving.

Unfortunately the driver of a dump truck recently did not see a pedestrian when he was backing out of a gas pump. The driver hit the pedestrian and knocked him to the ground. The driver did not notice this and proceeded to back over the pedestrian while he was on the ground and then drive over him again when he drove the truck forward away from the pump. The pedestrian died at the scene as a result of his injuries.

Are you suffering the consequences of asbestos exposure?

Safety hazards exist in every industry, and the only way you can protect yourself from harm is to be fully aware of the risks of your job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that each employer must inform employees about the safety hazards they will face and the safety precautions to avoid injuries or illness. However, some workplaces pose dangers that could only become evident years after exposure.

If you are a member of the construction or industrial workforce in Pennsylvania, you may risk exposure to asbestos without realizing it. Asbestos is a life-threatening hazard that could cause mesothelioma, which is a deadly type of cancer. Asbestos was a frequently used mineral for many applications, but after identifying it as a carcinogen, the use of asbestos became limited in the 1980s.

Easily preventable nursing home elopement can end tragically

If you have recently placed your loved one in a Pennsylvania nursing home facility, chances are you have concerns about his or her safety. In fact, it may have been a terrifying incident that brought about this decision when your loved one became disoriented or wandered away from home. You knew you did not have the skill or resources to provide the security your loved one needed, and you were counting on the facility to offer protections you could not.

Nevertheless, you have likely read or heard tragic stories of elderly dementia patients who "eloped" from their nursing care facilities. For some, the staff was able to quickly recover them, but others suffered from serious or fatal injuries, exposure to the elements, or hours or days without life-sustaining medications. You certainly would not want your loved one's fate to be in the hands of such a negligent nursing home staff.

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