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What are the most common reasons for truck accidents?

There are many types of vehicles on the roads in Pennsylvania. These types of vehicles vary in size and type, but anytime they are in an accident it can create a difficult situation for those involved. However, when semi-trucks are involved in an accident, the results can be very devastating. Many times, the other vehicle takes the worst of the accident, and it can change the victims' lives forever.

In order to try and prevent these truck accidents there are a number of regulations that the drivers and trucking companies must follow. These are designed to ensure that the truck driver is in the proper condition to drive and also to ensure that the trucks are in proper working order. It is imperative that the driver does not make mistakes as well as that the truck's equipment does not fail at a dangerous time. However, truck drivers and companies do not always follow the rules, and not surprisingly, not following the rules creates the most common reasons that truck accidents occur.

Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury that appear years later

Following a car accident, drivers and passengers may experience a traumatic brain injury. People involved in a significant crash should see a doctor to receive testing to see if any injuries occurred within the cranial tissue

There are many short-term complications you may experience right after a collision. You may have experienced a temporary loss of consciousness, which is typically a sign you suffered a concussion. Other short-term effects of a traumatic brain injury include nausea, vomiting and headache. It may be easy to write off these symptoms as related to something else, but if you see a doctor, then you know if you sustained brain damage. This becomes paramount because more severe symptoms may not manifest until months or years later. 

Time limits for filing a workers' compensation claim

There are many ways in which a person in Pittsburgh can be injured. It could be in a car accident, while shopping, walking through a parking lot and in many other situations. In many of these types of situations the injury may have been caused due to the negligence of another person or entity, and the victim may want to pursue compensation. This is also true if a person is injured at work. People who are injured while working may want to seek workers' compensation benefits.

Workers' compensation is different than many other types of compensation for injuries. People are entitled to this as a matter of right and do not necessarily need to file a lawsuit in order to receive the compensation. However, people are not just given the benefits. They must apply for them, and may go through a similar process as a lawsuit in some instances. They also must be able to demonstrate the full extent of their injuries through medical examinations.

What are the main causes of construction injuries?

Your job in construction is a dangerous one, as you well know. Whether you are improving our Pennsylvania highways or constructing houses or commercial buildings, you face hazards each day on the job. You might carefully observe every safety measure, but you will not always be able to prevent all accidents. Here, we discuss some of the most common ways you might get hurt in the construction industry.

Some construction accidents are difficult to prevent or foresee, such as a machinery malfunction or unexpected failure of safety equipment. Other accidents may happen when a worker is careless or if your employer fails to train you or provide the equipment necessary to prevent injuries. There are numerous safety standards that the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has enacted for the construction industry, but employees and companies do not always observe them, resulting in hundreds of deaths or injuries in the industry each year.

Holding medical professionals accountable for their negligence

Doctors in Pennsylvania have to go through many years of school and training before they can be certified and allowed to practice. This is because they have very important jobs, which has a big effect on people's health and their lives. Sometimes they need to perform highly technical and dangerous procedures to help people. Other times they may need to perform a routine surgery or procedure, but in either case if the procedure is done incorrectly, it could have very serious consequences for the victim.

There are many things which can go wrong if performed negligently. It could be a misdiagnoses or failure to diagnose; it could be an error in medication, either too little or too much or the incorrect medication. Sometimes the problems arose because of errors at birth which may persist through life or appear later in life. Also, errors can be made during surgery or in the emergency room or in other situations. The victims of these errors may be entitled to compensation for their injuries though.

Why fault for a crash is not always clear cut

Say that you are the passenger in a vehicle, and the driver reaches over to change radio stations, veering off the road slightly. Afterward, the driver looks up to see a pole immediately ahead and crashes into it. The fault seems fairly apparent: It is the driver's fault and no one else's. Right?

Similarly, suppose that you are driving a vehicle around a sharp curve, and as a result, fail to see a stop sign. You crash into another car at an intersection. Again, the fault seems obvious: It has to be yours and no one else's. Right? Well, not necessarily.

Police say that they have a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run crash

Many people in Pennsylvania drive their vehicles every day and may need them to get where they need to go. They are also much faster and convenient than walking or other alternative transportation. So, there are many cars on the roads every day. However, even people who drive their cars to a location, generally need to walk afterwards to get to their final destination. This could be just walking through a parking lot, but sometimes people cannot park right next to a building and may need to cross a street in order to get to where they are going.

It appears this is what a man was doing recently, when he was struck by a vehicle who ended up fleeing the scene. The man was crossing the street from a restaurant that he had just left when he was hit and ended up dying as a result. The police have been looking for the vehicle who hit the man and stated that based on where the impact occurred that the driver would have been aware that he or she had struck something. After reviewing surveillance video, police now say they have a strong suspect, but there have been no arrests at this time.

Required physical qualifications for truck drivers

Trucks are an integral part of commerce in Pennsylvania. Trucks are used to move many different goods and products into the state for consumers to purchase and out of the state from companies who produce the products for sale in other states. To be able to transport the quantities needed, these trucks are very large especially compared to the other vehicles on the roads. This means that when they are in truck accidents, usually the other vehicles involved suffer the worse of the accident and can have catastrophic injuries as a result.

That is also why truck drivers and truck companies are held to higher standards than other drivers on the road. In previous posts, we have discussed that there are stricter limitations on alcohol consumption and protecting against driver fatigue, but there are also physical requirements that drivers must meet before being allowed to drive a truck. These are designed to ensure that the drivers are physically able to control the trucks safely.

3 common causes of medication errors in nursing homes

Nursing home residents can get injuries from a variety of accidents, including falling down and developing bedsores from neglect. However, another common cause of injuries in nursing homes is medication errors. According to ProPublica, one-third of patients in long-term care facilities receive injuries from medication and treatment mistakes. This rate of medication error injuries is even higher than normal hospitals. 

Mistakes during the prescribing, filling and administering processes can result in severe injuries and even deaths. Find out three common causes of drug errors in nursing homes. 

How to appeal a workers' compensation decision

There are many different ways that people in Pennsylvania are injured. There are also many different locations where these injuries occur. It could be at home, at a store, in a car accident, at work and other locations. However, no matter how the injury occurred, if it prevents a person from working and forces them to incur medical bills, it can create a very difficult situation for the person financially.

The victim of the accident may be entitled to compensation if the accident was caused by another person. However, if the accident occurred at work, the injured worker may have an easier time collecting compensation through workers' compensation. Almost any kind of injury that occurs at work may be covered by workers' compensation benefits, even if the worker was somewhat at fault for the accident.

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