Know Your Rights If Your Newborn Has Birth Injuries


No news is more devastating than losing a baby or finding out that your newborn will suffer lifelong disabilities — except learning that your baby’s death or birth injury could and should have been prevented by the medical professionals in charge.

The New Castle, Pennsylvania, law firm of Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George has helped parents hold doctors and nursing staff accountable for their negligence. Our medical malpractice attorneys have secured settlements and verdicts for clients in Lawrence County and western Pennsylvania.

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Birth Injury, Fetal Death And Neonatal Death

We have held OB-GYNs, obstetrical nurses, other staff and the hospital itself responsible for errors in pregnancy care, labor and delivery, and post-delivery care:

  • Misgauging gestational age, resulting in premature birth or delayed delivery
  • Failure to diagnose profound or correctable birth defects
  • Failure to notice fetal distress or complications in the mother
  • Failure to perform a timely C-section (resulting in cerebral palsy or other brain damage)
  • Birth trauma such as shoulder dystocia during delivery, resulting in paralysis or nerve damage to the baby’s limbs (e.g., Erb’s palsy)
  • Failure to monitor or treat a newborn

A mother diagnosed with preterm labor was not given drugs to delay delivery, nor were drugs administered to help the premature infant’s lungs develop. Both are accepted standard procedure. The baby suffered a brain injury from hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and ultimately died. After a five-day trial, the jury returned a six-figure verdict against the doctor and hospital for obstetric malpractice.

We consult with experts in sonography (ultrasound), natural delivery and cesarean section, premature birth, and other specialties to determine the specific breach of medical standards that led to the birth injury or death. We also hire economists who can project the likely future earnings of a baby who died or is permanently disabled.

Find Out If You Have A Case

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