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People come to the hospital emergency room frightened and agitated, needing immediate medical attention. But that doesn’t mean ER physicians and nurses are held to a lesser standard of care. Doctors are trained to assess situations quickly and correctly to make the save.

When ER professionals and doctors make the wrong decisions or fail to diagnose serious conditions, permanent injury or death may result. The medical malpractice lawyers of Luxenberg Garbett Kelly & George have a track record of holding them accountable.

Did Emergency Room Personnel Fail You Or A Loved One?

Contact our New Castle law firm for a free case evaluation. We represent residents of Lawrence County and western Pennsylvania in suits alleging emergency room negligence, including failure to diagnose, surgeon mistakes and other hospital malpractice.

Uncovering The Negligence

Did a triage nurse overlook telltale symptoms in assessing and prioritizing patients? Did the treating physician ignore patient complaints or fail to order additional tests and lab work as indicated? Was the course of treatment appropriate, including surgery or medications? Was the patient discharged from the ER when protocol called for continued observation?

We have secured damages on behalf of families for:

  • A man who complained of pains in his chest, arm and neck was sent home instead of being held for observation and suffered a fatal heart attack
  • A woman who reported terrible headaches was examined but discharged and then suffered a brain aneurysm
  • A patient who died because ER doctors failed to diagnose meningitis

Jurors are often sympathetic to medical professionals, including ER staff who must make decisions under pressure. We don’t ask for sympathy for our clients. Consulting with experts in emergency medicine, we simply try to show what should have been done and why the action or inaction of doctors and nurses constituted emergency room negligence.

Talk To Us About Emergency Room Negligence And Misdiagnosis

Despite the courtroom reputation of our board-certified civil trial specialists, many of these cases cannot be settled. We are fully prepared to go to trial to get the compensation our clients deserve for a permanent injury or loss of a family member. Call our attorneys at 724-761-2094 for a free initial consultation.