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3 Common Causes of Injuries in Young Retail Workers


If you are in your 20s and work in retail, you might find your job mundane. Despite the fact retail work can be boring at times, did you know that you are at a serious risk for a workplace injury? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 23,000 retail workers between the ages of 16 and 24 miss work after sustaining an injury on the job.

It is crucial for you to identify and protect yourself from potential hazards. Keep reading to learn about the most common causes of retail injuries for young workers.

1. Equipment, tools and supplies

Contact with equipment, tools and supplies in your workplace is the leading cause of injuries for young workers. Forklifts, cleaning chemicals, machines, scissors and boxes can all result in injuries. What might seem like a routine inventory check can result in a tower of boxes falling onto you. Using box cutters and knives could easily hurt you.

2. Slips, trips and falls

Loose mats, spills, rain and snow are some causes of slips, trips and falls. Any slippery floor, obstructed surface or heightened area can cause you to fall and injure yourself. Falling from a portable ladder is one of the top causes of workplace fatalities. Other common injuries include fractures, sprains, bruises, scratches and cuts.

3. Overworking

If you are a motivated worker or your supervisor pushes you too far, you can do some serious damage to your body. Common examples of overworking in retail include:

  • Repeating the same motion over and over
  • Using bad posture
  • Lifting objects that are too heavy
  • Working without necessary breaks

Overworking can result in various traumatic or musculoskeletal injuries.

Suffering an injury at your retail store may cause you to miss several days, weeks or months from work. You should work with your supervisor to ensure the reduction of these hazards and that you work in a safe environment.