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Car Accidents Result in Many Spinal Cord Injuries


Driving on Pennsylvania roads is a privilege and not a right. So, if people want to drive on the roads they need to pass the driver’s license tests and then make sure their license is valid after that. They also need to follow the rules of the road. Some rules may seem unimportant, but there is a reason for the rules and when people do not follow them car accidents can occur.

These car accidents can cause very serious damage to the vehicles as well as very devastating injuries to the occupants of the vehicles. Some of these injuries are permanent as well and can completely change the victim’s life.

One type of life-changing injury caused by car accidents is a spinal cord injury. In fact motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries. They account for 35% of all spinal cord injuries each year. These injuries prevent messages from the brain getting to the proper location. So, this means that in many situations people have partial or permanent paralysis. In addition to not being able to walk or use their arms, the victims may not be able to control their bowels and have other issues as well.

These injuries can also be very costly for the victim. They often times require multiple surgeries and long-term rehabilitation as well. This usually means that the victim will incur massive medical bills and may not be able to work and earn an income on top of everything. Luckily the victims may be entitled to compensation from the individual who caused the accident.

There are many car accidents each year in Pennsylvania and many people suffer spinal cord injuries as a result. These are extremely devastating for the victims and can completely change their lives. They may be entitled to compensation though, which can help pay for the medical bills, lost income and other costs. Experienced attorneys understand how a spinal cord injury can affect one’s life and may be able to help one receive the proper compensation.

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