Can One Choose Any Medical Provider for Workers’ Compensation?

People in Pennsylvania have many different types of jobs. Some have more inherent dangers than others, but accidents and injuries can occur at any type of job. Sometimes these injuries can be very serious as well and the worker may be forced to miss time at work as a result. Without an income life can become very difficult for the worker and their family, especially if the injured worker provided a significant portion of the income.

That is why many employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. If workers are injured on the job, the employer is required by law to provide compensation not only for the medical expenses associated with the workplace injury, but also a portion of the worker’s income while they are unable to work. However, in order to know the full extent of the injury and the medical treatment needed to treat the workers, a doctor must examine them.

The question is then which doctor will examine the worker and make the determination. The answer depends on the circumstances. If the employer accepts the workers’ compensation claim, they have the option of listing six or more doctors that the worker can be seen by initially. If they do this, the worker must choose a doctor from that list for the first 90 days of medical treatment. However, if the employer does not post a list or treatment lasts more than 90 days, the worker can then choose any doctor they wish to see.

Most people in Pennsylvania assume they will be safe at work, but this is not always the case. There are many different types of accidents and injuries that can occur in any line of work. The injured workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits while they are unable to work though. This can be very valuable for the worker and their family. It can also be a complicated process and it is important to understand one’s legal rights to ensure they receive the proper compensation.

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