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Steps to Take if You Sustain Injuries in a Rental Car


You may need to secure a rental car when on vacation in another city. It can be tough to acclimate to new roads, and every year, many people end up in traffic collisions while driving a rental vehicle

Even if you do not feel badly injured after an accident, you should still see a doctor to make sure there are no hidden injuries. For the most part, you will need to follow the same basic steps, which involve contacting the police, calling your auto insurance agency and acquiring the other driver’s insurance information. However, there are other courses of action to consider.

Secure comprehensive coverage before driving off the lot

When you go to pick up your rental car, a representative will tell you about all the insurance options on the table. Generally, it is best if you secure everything possible. Most rental companies will offer collision damage waiver, theft protection and third-party liability coverages. Collision damage insurance offers you some protection if the body of the vehicle sustains any damage. However, it typically does not cover damage to any interior parts, such as the suspension. You may be liable for paying part of the cost to repair the vehicle, but it will be substantially less if you have secured comprehensive insurance beforehand. 

Contact the rental company after the crash

You should have the rental company’s phone number in the rental agreement. The company should be able to help move the vehicle out of the street and inform you of how to proceed. During the phone call, you should ask how to proceed. 

Call your personal insurance agent

You do not want to forget to contact your own insurance agency following an accident. Most companies offer coverage that runs parallel to what the rental company offered. During this time, you should ask if you will need to file the accident report personally or if the agency will take care of that.