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Improving the Odds of Staying Safe While Walking Near Traffic


With the holiday season underway, the amount of traffic on local roads might make it a nightmare to navigate to your desired destinations. To avoid dealing with traffic congestion, you may prefer to do most of your traveling via the sidewalk, despite the recent drop in temperature.

In some cases, it might even be quicker to move from place to place by walking, but you may worry that it isn’t nearly as safe. While an accident can take place at any moment and under a variety of scenarios, by sticking to safe walking procedures, you may be able to reduce the odds that a disaster will occur.

Reducing the risk of an accident while walking

Since you likely place a high priority on safety, you might be wondering about the potential hazards you may encounter while traveling Pennsylvania sidewalks. Some tips to help you stay safe while walking near traffic may include the following:

  • Be visible: As a pedestrian, you are inherently more difficult to spot, and finding ways to increase your visibility can be vital, such as wearing bright colors and sticking to well-lit areas.
  • Be vigilant: While distraction is a commonly known hazard for drivers, it can also be dangerous for pedestrians, and remaining alert could help you avoid a potential catastrophe.
  • Awareness: Constant awareness of your surroundings can be exceedingly beneficial. In addition to being aware of nearby vehicles, it may also help to be mindful of and stay away from objects that obstruct your visibility.
  • Traffic laws: Knowledge of traffic laws is essential as a pedestrian, and even if you know you have the right of way at an intersection, it is also advisable to make eye contact with drivers of stopped vehicles prior to attempting to cross.

The presence of impairment can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike, and remaining sober while walking near traffic could prove vital to staying safe. While these tips may help prepare you to navigate the sidewalks, unfortunately, they might not protect you from the negligence of others.

When a collision occurs

Pedestrian-related collisions can have cataclysmic results, and if a car hits you while you’re out walking, you might suffer major injuries in the process. If the other driver is at fault, you may wish to pursue accountability through the civil justice system, but the process can be exceedingly intimidating. However, by obtaining advice from someone with experience in such matters, you could become better prepare to pursue the restitution you’re entitled through a personal injury claim.