Car Crashes Are Very Common in Pennsylvania

Having a vehicle in Pennsylvania can be very convenient, and sometimes may seem like a necessity. Driving is a daily activity for many people and is generally a safe way to get where people need to go, but from time to time it can be dangerous. This could be because of poor road conditions or because other drivers on the road are not paying attention or taking unnecessary risks. So, sometimes car accidents occur and people can suffer catastrophic injuries as a result.

The statistics indicate that these car accidents occur more than one may realize. In 2016 there were a total of 129,395 car crashes in Pennsylvania. In those car crashes, 1,188 people were killed. It is not easy to tell just by looking at the numbers what caused the accidents, but 297 people were killed when alcohol was involved in the accident and 316 when speed was a factor.

There were 82,971 people injured in these accidents as well, and 4,397 people suffered serious injuries. However, there were also 29,240 people injured with an unknown severity, so that number for serious injuries could be even higher.

When people are killed and seriously injured in car accidents it is extremely devastating not only for the victims, but their families and friends as well. People may incur massive medical bills and may lose income as a result of the accidents. This is in addition to the physical and emotional pain suffered by the victim and their families. People in this situation may want to seek compensation to help with the financial losses caused by these accidents.

As the statistics indicate, there are many car accidents every year in Pennsylvania. Some of these accidents may be minor and not have a great effect on the victim’s life, but others completely change the victim’s life for years to come. While compensation will not heal injuries or fill emotional voids, it can still be very valuable to the victim and their family.

Source:, “2016 Pennsylvania Crash Facts & Statistics” accessed Jan. 23, 2018

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