Holding Medical Professionals Accountable for Their Negligence

Doctors in Pennsylvania have to go through many years of school and training before they can be certified and allowed to practice. This is because they have very important jobs, which has a big effect on people’s health and their lives. Sometimes they need to perform highly technical and dangerous procedures to help people. Other times they may need to perform a routine surgery or procedure, but in either case if the procedure is done incorrectly, it could have very serious consequences for the victim.

There are many things which can go wrong if performed negligently. It could be a misdiagnoses or failure to diagnose; it could be an error in medication, either too little or too much or the incorrect medication. Sometimes the problems arose because of errors at birth which may persist through life or appear later in life. Also, errors can be made during surgery or in the emergency room or in other situations. The victims of these errors may be entitled to compensation for their injuries though.

Often times in order to receive this compensation, the patient will need to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. These are very complicated matters though and require certification in Pennsylvania prior to going to court. In order to prevail, the patient needs to prove that the medical professional acted negligently according to acceptable medical practices and that negligence led to the injury. In order for a medical malpractice suit to even be certified, a doctor actually has to sign a certification that states that negligence could have caused the injury.

There are many victims of medical malpractice in Pennsylvania. Many of the victims may be entitled to compensation as well, but first must go through a medical malpractice lawsuit in order to do so. At Luxenberg Garbett Kelly George, P.C., we have handled many medical malpractice cases and may be able help one from the initial meeting through a trial if necessary. For more information on how we handle these cases please visit our medical malpractice page on our website.

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