No Disruptions While Driving

A recent feature from Apple helps eliminate the temptation and prevalence of cell phone use while driving. Do Not Disturb While Driving rolled out the iPhone software in late 2017 in an attempt to curb dangerous distractions for drivers.

The feature could prove useful for Pennsylvanians who are among some of the most frequently distracted drivers in the country.

Enabling the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature makes your phone less tempting while you drive because it disables notifications until you’re out of the car. An automatic reply goes out to anyone trying to reach you, assuring them you will respond when you’re done driving.

In the case of an emergency, the sender can reply “urgent” to get past the feature, meaning you are still reachable if need be. You can also personalize the settings to allow notifications from certain contacts if necessary.

Benefits of reducing distracted driving

Thousands of drivers and passengers die or sustain injuries in auto accidents caused by distracted driving every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports over 480,000 drivers use cell phones while driving despite laws against such activity.

Laws and programs exist from individual states as well as the federal government to deter cell phone use while driving. Unfortunately, the interconnectedness provided by cell phones still proves too tempting for too many drivers.

Of those who enabled the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature since its launch, many claim they believe it makes them safer drivers. The feature helps to remove the temptation to look at your screen and see what that most recent text said. Since you don’t receive a notification, there is essentially nothing prompting you to reach for your phone.

Will all my phone‘s features stop working?

What if you need your phone’s GPS or are playing audio through your device? Good news; you are still able to use features that don’t act as distractions on your device.

The purpose of the feature is not to turn your phone into an expensive paperweight while you’re in the car. Do Not Disturb While Driving helps to reduce distracted driving accidents and keep drivers focused on the road.

Of course, accidents do happen. Distracted driving will most likely not be a problem of the past anytime soon. However, you have options to make yourself and others a little safer on the road.

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