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3 Common Causes of Barista Injuries


The café industry is popular and there are no signs of it stopping soon. If you work at a coffee shop, you know that customers are always flowing in and demanding the best service. Working in such a stressful and fast-paced environment may take a toll on you. 

Your work environment has plenty of hazards that may cause an on-the-job injury. Here are some hazardous situations that may hurt you as a barista.

1. Repetitive motions

The motions you perform to make and serve beverages are more dangerous than you may realize. Behaviors that may result in repetitive injuries include the following:

  • Stamping espresso
  • Turning knobs
  • Lifting milk gallons
  • Pushing carts

When you perform these tasks all day, your body may start to experience some pain. Some parts of your body that may hurt include your wrists, elbows and shoulders. Common injuries that you may develop from repetitive motions include carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s elbow or “barista wrist.”

 2. Hot beverages and surfaces

Your job requires you to handle hot things all the time. If you spill coffee on yourself or touch a hot machine, you may get a serious burn. This may also occur if you use any ovens to make hot food for customers.

 3. Spills and clutter

Working behind the counter at a café means you encounter a lot of messes and clutter. If there is a liquid spill or water on the floor from a mop, you may slip and fall. This may cause you to hit your head or fracture one of your bones. If you trip over a box or something else on the floor, you could get hurt too. Falling at work because of a slip or trip may force you to take time off work.

Your occupation should not cause you to suffer injuries. Whether you develop a chronic condition or suffer a sudden traumatic event, you should get workers’ compensation benefits.