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Motor Vehicle Accidents Cause a Variety of Injuries


No one plans on being involved in a major motor vehicle accident, but a collision can take place at any given moment and under a variety of circumstances. While you might take every precaution possible while traveling on Pennsylvania highways, in some cases, this might not always be enough.

If you encounter a negligent driver, you may find it nearly impossible to react in time to avoid collision, and you could be the one who winds up suffering the consequences. With the extensive costs of medical care, suffering serious injuries in a collision can be a devastating experience.

Common injuries among accident victims

While there are a variety of health concerns you may experience after a crash, some injuries tend to be more prevalent among accident victims. Some of the most prevalent car accident injuries include the following:

  • Head injury: Concussions are common among victims of car accidents. If you experience headaches or dizziness following an accident, these could be signs of a deeper concern, such as a traumatic head injury.
  • Broken bones: The force of the impact of your collision could leave you with broken or fractured bones. Some signs of a broken bone include swelling, severe pain and loss of function.
  • Whiplash: Whiplash – a common term for a neck sprain or neck strain – results most often from a rear-end accident. The sudden back-and-forth motion that your body goes through in a collision can leave you with severe pain and numbness.
  • Muscles and tendons: The pressure that a collision places on your muscles, ligaments and tendons can leave you experiencing severe pain. In some cases, these injuries can lead to long-term or permanent damage.

Following an accident, you may also experience emotional trauma. Post-traumatic stress syndrome can be just as harmful, if not more so than physical pain. Regardless of the nature of your injuries, if another party causes your collision, you need to be aware of the proper steps to take.

Seeking restitution

Suffering serious injuries in a collision can be a painful experience physically and emotionally. The financial ramifications that accompany a need for medical care and an extended period of recovery can be significant.

If another driver was at fault in the accident, you should exercise your right to pursue accountability in civil court. That process can be complex, however. By obtaining guidance from an attorney with experience in such matters, you will find yourself better prepared to pursue the full amount of restitution entitled through a personal injury lawsuit.