Why Many Pennsylvania Motorists Say No to Alcohol

There is nothing inherently wrong with drinking alcohol. Perhaps you enjoy drinking in moderation with your spouse or close friends, especially on holidays or nights out on the town. In fact, just because you imbibe a glass of wine and later drive your car doesn’t necessarily mean you are breaking the law. However, it also doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not.

Every time you get behind the wheel, you are obligated to adhere to Pennsylvania traffic and safety regulations. The problem is you can only control your own behavior but not that of another driver on the road who may be acting and driving in a negligent or careless manner. You can be at risk, for instance, if someone else drinks and drives, increasing the odds of an accident.

Reasons to abstain

There are many reasons some people choose to never drink alcohol, while others find only one or two drinks acceptable but no more. Your thoughts may fall somewhere between the two opinions. At any rate, the following list of reasons to say no to alcohol may apply:

  • If you drink too much, it can adversely affect your memory. Nothing is worse than waking up and not remembering how you got wherever you happen to be.
  • Your reputation may be at stake, especially if someone posts photographs online of you while you are intoxicated.
  • Even under the moderate influence of alcohol, you may do things you wouldn’t otherwise normally do, which can be quite embarrassing the next day.
  • If you are under the age of 21, the best reason to say no to alcohol is that it is illegal for you to consume it.
  • Many teens suffer permanent brain damage from alcohol consumption.

In addition to these issues, if you do drink and drive, you could be placing not only yourself but any pedestrians or motorists near you at great risk for injury.

What to do if a drunk driver hits you

If a drunk driver hits you, the immediate priority is to obtain medical attention. Even minor injuries can cause severe pain and lasting consequences. As a victim of someone’s poor choice to drink and drive, you will likely not only suffer physical injuries but you will also probably be dealing with a high level of emotional and economic trauma. The type of medical and emotional support you have may make all the difference in how fully you recover.

Many Pennsylvania accident victims also add experienced personal injury attorneys to their support teams so that they can seek restitution for their suffering and justice against those parties who caused their injuries.

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