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What Are the Primary Causes of Distracted Driving?


The road can be a dangerous place. There are a variety of different things that can go awry every time you sit behind the wheel of a car. You run the risk of experiencing mechanical issues, road hazards and reckless drivers every time you pull out onto the open road. Attentive driving is as important as it has ever been with so many concerns plaguing the streets.

This is what makes distracted driving such a noteworthy problem in the United States. The split second that you take your eyes off the road can significantly reduce your reaction speed. Naturally, this can have a direct influence on whether you can avoid a dangerous situation. Distracted driving is an issue that impacts everyone differently, but there are a few specific reasons this concern has consistently escalated over the past several years.

Cell phone usage

There is possibly no greater danger to your experience on the road than the small piece of technology you carry around in your pocket. Cell phones are an essential part of everyone’s daily life. They are efficient and user-friendly with numerous helpful applications. It is this accessibility and versatility that makes cell phones such a significant piece of the distracted driving problem. Avoid the dangerous temptation and put your phone away until you reach your destination.

Zoning out

Driving can become repetitive and monotonous, especially if you take the same path daily. This can make it very easy to allow your attention to drift away from the road. Zoning out is one of the most common and dangerous issues under the umbrella of distracted driving. It refers to any moment you become more involved with your thoughts than operating your vehicle. If you find yourself daydreaming, take a moment to refocus on the road to ensure a safe experience.

Outside events

Have you ever caught yourself gawking at something outside your window? This could refer to attempting to grab a quick glimpse of a car accident or admiring an interesting animal before it disappears into the distance. Ironically, that moment you spent reviewing the damage of a car involved in an accident can cause you to crash. Outside events cover a broad category of distracted driving, but the main issue is allowing your attention to shift to something more intriguing than the road in front of you. Try to catch yourself before disaster strikes and focus on your commute.


There is a reason why your parents may have taken issue with you piling your friends into your car upon receiving your driver’s license. Passengers can provide a multitude of different distractions for drivers, both young and old. These disruptions may come in the form of an intense conversation with your friends or attempting to soothe your child in the backseat. Consider how your passengers may impact your ability to concentrate and act accordingly to keep both yourself and the people sharing your vehicle safe.