Truck accident in a parking lot leaves one person dead

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Accidents involving semitrailers are often serious because of the large size and heavy weight of these types of vehicles. Even a crash at slow speeds can result in serious or fatal injuries, as illustrated by a recent truck accident that took place in a Pennsylvania shopping center parking lot. One woman died after being by struck by a truck that was backing into the lot.

Pedestrians are unprotected against the impact of a moving vehicle, especially a large truck. Parking lots can be particularly hazardous because there are often multiple people walking to their cars at once. Drivers of passenger vehicles and semitrailers bear the responsibility of driving cautiously and looking for people outside the vehicle while driving in parking lots.

This crash left one elderly woman dead. The truck hit her, trapping her beneath its wheels as it was backing into a spot in order to make a delivery. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Pennsylvania law enforcement and accident reconstruction professionals worked at the scene in order to establish exactly what happened. According to a statement from the truck driver, he knew that his vehicle hit something but was unaware that it was a person.

This tragic truck accident serves as a reminder of what can happen when there is a pedestrian accident involving a large commercial vehicle. These types of accidents are complex, and it is not always easy to know exactly who is to blame or what factors caused the crash. This is why it is beneficial to seek an evaluation of the gathered evidence with an experienced legal professional in order to determine if a civil claim is an appropriate course of action.


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