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Elder Abuse in the Form of Nursing Home Neglect


Individuals who are under the care of Pennsylvania medical professionals and staff in a long-term care facility are entitled to quality care and adequate supervision. When they do not get the care they need, these patients are often unable to help themselves or even explain what is happening. There are many different forms of elder abuse, and nursing home neglect is one of them.

Elder abuse is not always evident. In a nursing home, neglect is a common form of abuse as patients are largely dependent on the care given to them by staff and doctors. Physical abuse does happen sometimes, as does verbal abuse and financial exploitation. However, there are serious instances of abuse that involve other, unseen types of treatment.

Willful deprivation happens when a nursing home staff intentionally deprives a patient of things he or she needs. This may be withholding medication, food or even assistance to the bathroom. Passive neglect happens when there is no concern for patient well-being, leading to insufficient care, malnutrition, worsening of a medical condition, depression and much more. This can happen when a facility does not have enough staff to care for patients or the staff does not have the training of compassion necessary to provide quality care.

Elder abuse in any form is unacceptable. If a Pennsylvania family suspects this is happening to a loved one, they may find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney regarding appropriate legal action. Through a civil claim, it may be possible to hold responsible parties financially accountable for the pain and suffering of someone who suffered from nursing home neglect.