Avoiding Car Accidents During the Winter Months

In the winter months, Pennsylvania drivers may experience a range of hazardous driving conditions, including snow and ice. It is in the interests of every driver to know how to stay as safe as reasonably possible and avoid crashes. Driving recklessly when conditions are poor increases the risks for car accidents.

It’s often necessary to drive in the snow, sleet and wind¬†during the winter. While local and state governments work hard to keep roads free from ice, it is still possible that a person could be driving on an icy road and not realize the danger. One of the most important things to keep in mind during this time of year is that it is safest to reduce speeds and drive cautiously at all times.

Keeping tires in good condition can also help, as can coming to a complete stop at intersections. This may help avoid a collision with another vehicle that may not be able to slow down or stop because of slick road surfaces. It is safer when vehicles are traveling a reasonable distance from each other, and of course, drivers should put down their phones. Distracted driving is especially dangerous when the weather is bad and road conditions are poor.

Car accidents happen for many reasons, but there are times of the year when they may be more likely. At any time of the year, drivers on Pennsylvania roads would be wise to make smart and safe choices. No matter the road conditions, a person who causes a crash because of reckless or negligent actions may be financially responsible for damages sustained by others.

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