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Distracted Driving Remains a Significant Safety Threat?


When a driver gets behind the wheel, that individual bears the responsibility of following all traffic laws and being as safe as possible. With the widespread use of smartphones, drivers are more likely to be distracted than ever before. While phones do play a large role in the increase of motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania, distracted driving can happen because of many other things as well.

It’s still a significant safety concern because people often do not realize how many things count as distracting. In reality, anything can be dangerous if it takes a driver’s eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or attention off the task at hand. This obviously includes texting, checking email, looking at social media or holding a phone for any reason.

Distracted driving also includes seemingly benign things like eating while driving or having a cup of coffee. Putting on makeup can be just as dangerous, as can adjusting the rear view mirror, smoking or even talking to someone else in the vehicle. Individuals who are very fatigued may be even more susceptible to distraction and losing focus while operating a vehicle.

Pennsylvania accident victims who suffered because of a distracted driver have rights, including the right to pursue compensation through a civil claim. After a distracted driving crash, it may be helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced legal ally. Quick action is crucial for the preservation of important evidence and to start the pursuit of rightful recompense and damages in a timely manner.