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Recognizing Nursing Home Neglect Through Personality Changes


When people put their loved ones in a nursing home in Pennsylvania, they rely on the experience and compassion of health care professionals to provide high-quality care for their family members. Many families spend considerable time researching facilities with great reviews to ease their concerns.

If families start to feel suspicious about the treatment of their loved ones, knowing what warning signs to watch for may help them recognize neglect before it is too late.

Revelations through personality

A person’s demeanor and body language can say a lot about the way he or she feels. Families with loved ones in nursing homes should pay close attention to the personality of their family members. According to Next Avenue, caregivers who behave neglectfully could discourage residents from maintaining relationships with their friends and families. As a result, mistreated residents could become withdrawn, antisocial and isolated.

When they do interact with their visiting family members, they may act strange and refuse to share many details about their experiences at the nursing facility. They may seem fearful to talk, avoid making eye contact and act fidgety. They may react emotionally to certain things or get angry about things that were previously not an issue.

Voicing concerns

Families who notice differences in their loved one’s personality and subsequently feel suspicious about mistreatment should immediately report their concerns. They may speak directly with the management of the facility. According to CarePathways, people can also report concerns to the State Elder Abuse Hotline, the State Medicaid Unit, Adult Protective Services and the Social Services Department among others.