Five Common Mistakes After an Accident

A car accident can take a lot from a victim. Reckless or negligent driving can result in you suffering serious medical bills, repair costs, lost income, as well as pain and suffering. These costs can leave you with thousands of dollars in expenses or more.

There is no guarantee that a personal injury victim will receive fair compensation, and their actions after an accident may actually cost them some or all of that compensation. Here are five common mistakes to avoid after an accident:

Not calling the police

Unless your car accident is without a doubt just a fender-bender, you should call the police after your car accident. A thorough police report will make it difficult for an insurance company to deny the facts of what happened in the accident, which will make it easier to secure fair compensation.

Not seeking medical attention

During negotiations with insurance companies, insurers will often argue that your injuries were not that bad if you didn’t seek medical attention for them. Insurance companies will also try to minimize the actual medical consequences during negotiations, and a doctor’s report is essential in establishing the truth.

Admitting guilt

Even in situations where one party is undoubtedly at fault, victims of a car accident tend to apologize or admit fault on their own. Avoiding this natural reflex will give you a much easier time of pursuing fair compensation for your injuries. If either insurance company becomes aware that you admitted fault, it can seriously jeopardize the amount of compensation you may receive.

Leaving the scene of the accident

Anyone who is directly involved in a car accident has a legal obligation to stay at the scene and participate in an exchange of identifying information with the other people involved in the accident. Leaving the scene of an accident can result in legal consequences and make it look as though you are admitting guilt for the accident.

Not calling a personal injury attorney

Personal injury lawyers have some of the most experience in Identifying the total damages of a car accident, negotiating to maximize compensation, and securing the best possible outcome in the smallest amount of time. Victims can rely on their personal injury attorney’s experience to help them protect their best interests and their future. If you suffered a car accident because of someone else’s reckless or negligent actions, be sure that you contact a personal injury attorney today.

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