Reviewing Different Types of Mistreatment in Nursing Homes

If your loved one depends on care provided by a nursing home, or if you currently live in a nursing home, it is important to recognize that mistreatment takes many forms and far too many workers fail to respect the rights of residents. It is crucial to keep an eye out for any unlawful activity and immediately take action if you experience abuse or neglect firsthand or have reason to believe that your loved one suffered mistreatment.

Sadly, the consequences of mistreatment shatter the lives of older adults across the country.

Abuse, abandonment and neglect

On their website, the National Institute on Aging published information that helps caregivers, older adults and families recognize different forms of mistreatment in nursing homes. For example, people need to watch out for physical abuse, such as pushing hitting or slapping. Sometimes, nursing home residents experience emotional abuse, which includes threats and damaging words. Moreover, nursing home residents must keep an eye out for financial abuse (accessing accounts without permission, forging checks, etc.). Sometimes, nursing home residents suffer due to neglect, such as those who do not receive necessary medication or food. Furthermore, some older adults experience sexual abuse in nursing homes.

Signs of abuse and mistreatment

If you worry about your loved one, look out for different signs of neglect and mistreatment. From losing interest in activities to unexplained weight loss, cuts, bedsores, unwashed clothes and difficulty sleeping, these warning signs sometimes indicate that those supposed to care for a nursing home resident have violated his or her rights. Any unlawful mistreatment requires immediate attention.

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