How Can Nursing Home Neglect Harm Your Elderly Loved One?

When your elderly loved one enters a nursing home, you may not immediately notice any signs of neglect.

Neglect is a serious issue for people who cannot take care of themselves. Noticing the signs is one way to prevent more harm from happening.

Lack of proper nutrition

According to Psychology Today, dehydration and hunger are some of the first and more prominent problems thatĀ happen for older people. A caretaker may purposefully or accidentally forget to prepare a meal, leaving your loved one without access to food or water.

You may notice dry skin, complaints about a sore mouth or a lack of energy. Mental confusion over simple tasks or questions can happen if the issue is bad enough.

Poor living conditions

A nursing home filled with bugs or uncleaned areas may go unnoticed in extreme situations. In some cases, the rooms may be too hot or cold to be comfortable for the elderly residents. All of these details can lead to an unsafe place to live.

Physical injuries from falling or tripping over items on the floor are also a concern, as well as missing medications. Insufficient ventilation or lack of air conditioning can leave residents struggling to breathe properly.

Bad hygiene

Dirty or unwashed clothes can signal that neglect isĀ happening in a nursing home. Without any help, older residents may struggle to properly clean themselves or change clothes.

This lack of hygiene is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy, since it can lead to worse issues. Nursing home neglect can leave elderly people frightened and confused, so knowing the signs of a problem can help you both.

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