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How Dangerous Is Truck Driver Fatigue?


Large trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles on the road. There are some very good reasons why truck drivers must obtain a special license that requires additional specialized training.

When a truck driver is too tired to drive, it can create a seriously hazardous situation. However, due to the nature of the industry, many drivers feel they must continue on or they risk losing their job or facing punishment for not meeting deadlines. For others on the roads, a sleepy truck driver poses a serious safety risk for multiple reasons.

Decrease of reflexes

The National Law Review explains when a driver is tired, his or her reflexes diminish. This means the driver may not react as quickly as usual, which is a serious issue in a big truck. Large vehicles already require additional reaction time than passenger vehicles. When there is an additional delay, it can make accidents inevitable.

Reduction of focus

A truck driver that is unable to properly focus on driving will pose a huge risk to others on the road. Trucks are already dangerous due to their sheer size and weight. If that truck suddenly comes into your lane and clips your car, it can send you careening out of control. It is a serious issue when a truck driver is too tired to pay attention and focus on driving.

Slow reaction time

Not only does a sleepy driver have reduced reflexes but also he or she has cognitive delay, which means the driver may not be able to make a fast decision to react to things happening on the road. This can lead to crashes very easily.

A tired truck driver is a danger to everyone. No driver should ever be forced or feel as if he or she has no choice but to drive when fatigued.