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Wrecks and Missing Work: Options for the Recovery of Lost Wages


An early 2020 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that there were 28,190 fatalities from vehicular accidents in the first nine months of the year. The Insurance Information Institute states that in the same year 4,795,000 people sustained injuries in automobile incidents.

Individuals hurt in wrecks have many worries, from their physical state to sudden financial strain caused by medical bills and other factors. One concern those severely injured in a crash may have is losing pay due to the inability to return to work for a period. There are options to recoup a portion or all of these missed wages.

Personal insurance policy

Certain auto indemnifiers have lost wage coverage. These reimburse individuals for income lost while recuperating up to the amount specified in the policy. In Pennsylvania, insurers that offer earnings loss benefits only cover up to 80% of gross wages up to this limit and do not include the first five days of missed work.

Other driver’s insurance policy

An alternative for those who lack personal income coverage is to file a claim against the other party involved in the accident. Those who wish to do so must show evidence of four things, that they possessed employment, that the incident left them unable to perform the duties pertaining to this work, that the other motor operator is at fault and that the wage amount is accurate. Individuals may obtain this third-party compensation in conjunction with recoupment from their own insurance, but only to the amount of the 20% not covered by the latter.

Losing income for a significant amount of time may be financially devastating for many. However, there are ways to receive wages lost as a result of suffering injuries in a wreck.