Important Information About Falls in Nursing Homes

If your loved one is in a nursing home, you hope he or she is getting the best care possible. Not only should the staff be providing your parent with proper assistance and treatment, but the facility itself should be safe and free of hazards. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes elder care facilities can be dangerous. 

One of the most common reasons that patients get hurt in nursing homes is falling. Older people who fall can sustain serious injuries. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 percent of falls result in severe injuries. Read below to learn more about falls in a nursing home. 

Causes of nursing home falls

The causes of falls in long-term care facilities are numerous. One reason is that elderly people are frailer and weaker. Gait problems and muscle weakness can be contributing factors to nursing home falls. Nursing home staff should analyze each patient for any predispositions to falling and implement a safety plan. Staff should also constantly monitor and assist residents. 

There are also plenty of environmental factors that cause nursing home residents to fall down and hurt themselves. These include incorrect bed height, poor lighting, wet floors and inattentive staff when patients request for help. 

Consequences of falls

When an older person falls in a nursing home, the outcome can be devastating. Here are some troubling facts and statistics from the CDC:

  • Falling is the number one reason for traumatic brain injuries. 
  • Over 95 percent of hip fractures are due to falls. 
  • 2.8 million elderly adults go to emergency rooms for fall injuries.
  • Hospitals admit more than 800,000 people for fall injuries every year.

A fall can severely injure your elderly parent where he or she is supposed to be healthy and safe. 

If you have concerns about your parent getting an injury in a nursing home, consider the legal actions you can take.

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