Seatbelts and car accidents

Driving is both a privilege and a huge responsibility that many people in Pennsylvania often take for granted. Although car accidents are a leading cause of death for motorists, many deaths can be prevented with the use of seatbelts. Drivers who decide not to use these safety devices put themselves at great risk. Not wearing seat belts is illegal, yet many drivers choose to ignore the law.

The importance of seatbelt use

Seatbelts are safety restraints that can drastically improve the outcome of many motor vehicle wrecks. When worn correctly, they restrain people to minimize the risk of injuries and death. Driving collisions can be so forceful that victims are ejected from their seats and propelled out of their vehicles. People who wear seatbelts and are involved in collisions where excessive speeds are a factor are less likely to become projectiles.

Reasons people do not wear seatbelts

Some people are more predisposed to wearing their seatbelts than others. For example, women tend to wear seatbelts more often than men. Many young adults, rear seat passengers and rural motorists do not always follow proper vehicle safety guidelines and avoid wearing seatbelts.

Teens have the highest risk of car accidents. They also have the highest rate of non-seatbelt use. Although there are seatbelt laws in place, many adolescents feel that they are too cool to follow them. Some teenage drivers feel uncomfortable wearing them and dismiss their importance. Other adolescents and older motorists feel that it is not necessary to wear them when traveling short distances or at low speeds. Forgetfulness is also another factor consider. Some drivers are overweight and cannot wear their seatbelts comfortably. They may drive vehicles that are not equipped to accommodate their sizes safely. Other motorists drive older cars that have damaged seatbelts.

The most common reason why many drivers do not wear their seatbelts is they do not understand the importance. Seatbelts can save lives and prevent and limit the extent of injuries. Even though cars have airbags and other safety features, motorists should not forget how important it is for them to wear seatbelts every time they travel in cars.

Car accidents happen every day. It is not possible to know when they may happen, but motorists can take preventative action to protect themselves every time they get into their vehicles by putting on their seatbelts. If you were involved in a car accident where seatbelt use was a factor, you should discuss your situation with an attorney for guidance.

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