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We Will Hold a Negligent Truck Company Accountable


Although any car wreck in the Pittsburgh area can be destructive, truck wrecks are often particularly devastating just given the sheer size of trucks when compared with smaller passenger cars or even vans and SUVs.

While sometimes a truck accident is just that, an accident, in many cases, the truck driver’s or truck company’s negligence contributed in some way to the collision. This is why it is important for an injured victim of Pennsylvania truck accident should get the right legal professionals to help them investigate and determine the cause of the crash.

Our first task is to gather as much information as possible about the accident and to do so quickly before the evidence can be changed or destroyed. We will interview witnesses and analyze the scene of the accident carefully, taking the necessary steps to document the facts and circumstances in detail. We also take prompt steps to secure information from the truck itself, including the vehicle’s “black box” and the trucking log.

Primarily, we look at two possible causes of a trucking accident. First, we examine the truck driver’s behavior for possible signs of inattentiveness or drowsiness. We also check to see if the driver may have broken any traffic laws that were not noticed by the police investigating the scene, as a traffic violation is evidence of negligent driving.

Furthermore, we also check to see if the company who owned the truck which caused the accident also might be a source of compensation for an injured victim. In addition to not maintaining its vehicles, the company can also possibly be liable for hiring a poor driver or even for applying pressure on its employees to rush deliveries.