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Have You Been Injured on a Highway in Western Pennsylvania?


The western Pennsylvania area is a busy corridor for several important interstate freeways. As such, drivers are at risk for serious injury due to accidents with other drivers, interstate truckers or even with hazardous conditions due to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, PennDOT. 

With so many possible hazards on the freeways of western Pennsylvania, if you have sustained an injury in a motor vehicle accident, you may have a legal case. You should look into the possibility that your injuries could receive compensation in court if there was negligence involved.

Interstate trucking and distracted driving

Western Pennsylvania’s major interstate freeways include I-80 and I-70, which link the state to Ohio, as well as auxiliary routes such as I-376. Interstate highways are the lifeblood of long-haul truckers carrying cargo. Their trucks, commonly referred to as 18-wheelers, can cause devastating accidents with other motor vehicles. In addition, these truck drivers often work long hours on the road and as such, fatigue at the wheel can cause accidents. They also have significant blind spots on the road, which can lead to making lane changes and other maneuvers without seeing your presence.

Another common hazard on freeways is the distracted driver. With the multiple digital devices in use today, especially smartphones, many drivers are not paying full attention to the road when they are behind the wheel. PennDOT statistics show that in 2015, in Allegheny County alone, there were 1,658 crashes due to distracted drivers.

Injuries and accountability

In the aftermath of an accident in which you have suffered a serious injury, it can be very difficult to recover on a physical level, let alone on an emotional or financial one. Figuring out who is liable for an accident is not easy, especially when a third party may be involved. There may be factors such as trucking company liability, automobile manufacturing defects or poorly maintained roads in addition to driver negligence. Therefore, you should not automatically assume that you have to sort through all of the pieces by yourself without any recourse. You may have a legal case that you could bring to court.

The best way to discover whether you may have a case is by contacting an attorney who has experience in handling cases that deal with the specifics of motor vehicle accidents. Especially if you have lost wages or a job due to your injury, it can be in your best interest to get a professional legal opinion on your situation.