Multiple People Injured After Truck Crashes Into Stopped Cars

People know that every time they drive there is a possibility that they will be in an accident, but most assume that they will travel safely. This is partly because they assume the other drivers on the road will also follow the rules and drive safely. However, when other drivers do not do this, accidents can occur and people can suffer injuries as a result.

This is especially true if one of the vehicles involved in the accident is a tractor-trailer truck. Given that massive size difference between trucks and the other vehicles, it does not take much for a truck to cause severe damage and catastrophic injuries.

Recently, there was a truck accident when one of these large vehicles plowed into multiple cars that were stopped at a stoplight. The truck was not able to stop and hit the cars. In total, nine people were transported to the hospital with various injuries, one of which was described as serious. The truck driver stated that the brakes on the truck went out and that he was unable to stop as a result. That is why he plowed into the cars, but the investigation is ongoing.

If this accident was in fact caused by a mechanical failure, it demonstrates why there are strict inspection requirements for truck drivers. It is imperative that trucks are in good working order so that these types of accidents do not occur. If the truck driver failed to properly inspect the brakes and this accident could have been prevented, the truck driver and the company may be liable for compensating the victims of the accident.

Unfortunately, there are many truck accidents each year in Pennsylvania. There are many causes of these accidents, but if the accident was caused by the conduct of the truck driver or problems with the truck itself, they may be required to compensate the victims for their damages.

Source:, “11 injured as large truck crashes on Route 22 in Churchill” Nov. 21, 2017

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