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Many Riders Are in Motorcycle Accidents Every Year


As the weather turns colder there are fewer motorcyclists on Pennsylvania roads, but they are still out there. That means that other motorists on the road need to stay vigilant in looking out for them and avoid causing motorcycle accidents. These accidents may not cause much damage to the drivers of the cars and trucks, but they can cause catastrophic injuries to the riders on the motorcycles. Many times the riders’ lives will never be the same afterwards.

Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents occur every year. In 2016, there were 3,454 motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania. This is up slightly from 2015, when there were 3,413 accidents. In those accidents, 3,321 people were injured and 192 were killed, which is also up from 2015, when there were 179. Out of all the accidents there were a total of 3,919 riders involved, including passengers. Out of all the people involved, only 406 were involved in accidents without being injured.

This demonstrates that the majority of riders involved in motorcycle accidents are injured or killed as a result. Many of the injuries are very severe. The victims who do survive may incur enormous medical bills and lose income if they are unable to work. These are very costly not only to the victims, but their families as well.However, the victims may be entitled to compensation from the driver responsible for causing the accident.

Motorcycle accidents are prevalent in Pennsylvania, and many riders are injured or killed each year. Luckily, the victims may be entitled to compensation. This can be extremely valuable for the victims as they recover from their injuries.

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, “2016 Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistics” accessed on Nov. 13, 2017