Cars and Trucks Present Significant Dangers to Motorcyclists

Pennsylvanians can expect more motorcycles to hit the roads in these final days of summer. The Keystone State offers joyriders some of the most scenic roadways in America, making Pennsylvania a popular destination for the last rides of the season.

However, many drivers do not take the necessary safety precautions when sharing the road with bikers. A small mistake that causes an irritating fender-bender with a full-size vehicle can cause injury or death to a motorcyclist. Drivers must take care to see motorcycles and drive with their safety in mind.

Driving tips to help keep bikers safe

Motorists who follow these safety tips will become more aware of the traffic around them and able to make smarter and safer decisions. These guidelines can help save lives every season:

  • Share more road space: Many motorists believe that smaller motorcycles do not require much road space. Though bikes can react to changing traffic situations faster than big cars, motorists unfamiliar with motorcycles may not accurately anticipate their maneuvers. Increased road space allows drivers of cars and trucks to respond to a motorcycle’s movements safely.
  • Always signal turns: Too many drivers neglect to use their turn signals properly. Communicating with other drivers is essential for safety, including motorcycles. Signal early and signal often.
  • Navigate intersections slowly: Most motorcycle accidents occur in busy intersections where drivers can get confused and large vehicles can hide waiting motorcycles. Safe drivers will take more time to look specifically for motorcycles and perform left-hand turns with extra care.
  • Be aware of blind spots: Most drivers have missed a vehicle in their blind spot, surprising themselves as they almost sideswipe a two-ton truck during a lane change. Before changing lanes, double-check blind spots for motorcycles specifically.
  • Refrain from using high beams: Bikers expose themselves to the elements while driving, light included. Sudden high beams on a dark roadway can disorient a biker and cause them to crash. Refrain from using the brights when driving near motorcycles at night.
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs: Most people know that driving under the influence is illegal in all 50 states, but many people still choose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Drunk drivers killed 331 Pennsylvanians in 2018.

Injured on a motorcycle? Consider legal action

Those injured while operating a motorcycle can bring their questions about potential legal action to a lawyer familiar with Pennsylvania’s motor vehicle law. An attorney can sort through dense insurance paperwork, assess one’s case and help secure coverage for injury or property damage.

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